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  1. Jan 4, 2022 · In ancient Greek mythology, Tartarus was a horrible pit of torment in the afterlife. It was lower than even Hades, the place of the dead. According to the Greeks, Tartarus was populated by ferocious monsters and the worst of criminals. The Greek word Tartarus appears only once in the entire New Testament.

  2. Tartarus. In the Christian Greek Scriptures, a prisonlike abased condition into which the disobedient angels of Noah’s day were cast. At 2 Peter 2:4, the use of the verb tar·ta·roʹo (to “cast into Tartarus”) does not signify that “the angels who sinned” were cast into the pagan mythological Tartarus (that is, an underground prison and place of darkness for the lesser gods).

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    In Greek mythology, Tartarus was both a primordial deity that existed before the Olympians, as well as a name to describe a region of the Underworld. Tartarus Etymology The sunless abyss below Hades, from Ancient Greek Tártaros, Latin Tartarus. Tartarus as a God As a god, he was third in rank after Chaos and Gaea, preceding Eros.

  4. noun. Tar· ta· rus ˈtär-tə-rəs. Synonyms of Tartarus. : a section of Hades reserved for punishment of the wicked.

  5. Dec 9, 2022 · Tartarus, a dark primordial landscape below the earth and even Hades, was the home of a handful of sinners and hated enemies of the gods. Zeus, for example, cast his defeated foes into Tartarus—first Cronus and the Titans, and later the monster Typhoeus (Tartarus’ own son, perversely enough).

  6. Jun 30, 2020 · Tartarus was a land of darkness that Zeus later used as a prison. Soon it was a place of punishment and misery reserved for the worst sinners of the ancient world. Read on to find out how Tartarus became part of the lands of the dead, and how it influenced ideas in our modern world! Tartarus and the Primordial Deities

  7. Jun 11, 2018 · Tartarus, A Realm of Punishment Like Mother Earth, Gaea, and Father Sky, Uranus, Tartarus came into existence from the void of Chaos. It was not only a primordial force, but also a place, a deep abyss located far below Hades, where the most wicked were sent after death to suffer and be tormented for their crimes.

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