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    The Sarah Jane Adventures is a British science fiction television programme that was produced by BBC Cymru Wales for CBBC, created by Russell T Davies, and starring Elisabeth Sladen. The programme is a spin-off of the long-running BBC science fiction programme Doctor Who and is aimed at a younger audience than Doctor Who .

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    The Sarah Jane Adventures was a science fiction television series, that started in 2007 and ended in 2011, due to Elisabeth Sladen's death. It was a spin off from the British cult series Doctor Who. The series starred Elisabeth Sladen as the journalist Sarah Jane Smith, who was a companion of the Third and Fourth Doctor in the classic Doctor Who series. Sladen played the original part of Sarah Jane from 1973 until 1976. Sarah Jane was considered the most popular companion of the Doctor and appea

    • Russell T. Davies
    • Murray Gold
    • Elisabeth Sladen, Yasmin Paige, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony
    • UK
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    List of The Sarah Jane Adventures minor characters A. Androvax, also known as Androvax the Veil, was an alien criminal first appearing in " Prisoner of the Judoon " who... B. The Bane Mother, seen in " Invasion of the Bane ", is a very large Bane hidden in the roof of the Bubble Shock! C. Gita ...

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    2011 Doctor Who story 25 Sky The Sarah Jane Adventures story Official Poster from the BBC Website. Cast Starring Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith Daniel Anthony – Clyde Langer Anjli Mohindra – Rani Chandra Sinead Michael – Sky Alexander Armstrong – Mr Smith Others Tommy Knight – Luke Smith Mina Anwar – Gita Chandra Ace Bhatti – Haresh Chandra Cyril Nri – The Shopkeeper Christine Stephen-Daly – Miss Myers Gavin Brocker – Caleb Paul Kasey – The Metalkind Chloe...

    A meteor crashes in a junk yard to reveal a metal man. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane discovers a baby on her doorstep who can create power surges. Sarah Jane and Rani travel to the site of the meteor crash and are met by Professor Rivers, who investigates the site with them. Sarah Jane a

    At Miss Myers' command, Sky unintentionally attacks the Metalkind with a burst of energy. Miss Myers reveals that Sky was made and "grown" in a Fleshkind laboratory as a weapon to destroy the Metalkind. Sarah Jane and the gang escapes with Sky. Miss Myers tells the metal man he w

    This was the first story to be aired following the death of Elisabeth Sladen.

    The first part was broadcast on Monday 3 October 2011 on CBBC while the second was broadcast on the following day, Tuesday 4 October 2011, on CBBC. The two parts were then again broadcast on Thursday 10 November and Friday 11 November 2011 on BBC One and for the first time in HD on BBC One HD. Footage from this story of Clyde trying to make baby Sky laugh was featured in the BBC adaptation of Mr Stink.

    • 5.1 and 5.2
    • Series 5
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    2010 Doctor Who story 19 The Nightmare Man The Sarah Jane Adventures story Official Poster from the BBC Website. Cast Starring Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith Tommy Knight – Luke Smith Daniel Anthony – Clyde Langer Anjli Mohindra – Rani Chandra Alexander Armstrong – Mr Smith John Leeson – K-9 Mark IV Others Julian Bleach – The Nightmare Man Doon Mackichan – Louise Marlowe Paul Kasey – Slitheen Toby Longworth – Slitheen Voice Production Directed byJoss Agnew...

    The story starts with Luke recording a message - he is frightened that somebody is coming. The story then flashes back a year, to show Luke telling Sarah Jane that he is planning to go university a year early. It is then revealed that they are handcuffed to a bomb set by a Slithe

    The story continues with the Nightmare Man sneaking about in the attic with Luke fast asleep. As Sarah Jane walks into the attic the Nightmare Man disappears. He sneaks into the rooms in which Clyde and Rani are sleeping and changes their dreams into nightmares. Meanwhile, Sarah

    Julian Bleach has previously appeared in the Torchwood episode "From Out of the Rain" as the Ghostmaker and Davros in the Doctor Who episodes "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" making him one of very few actors to appear in all three shows.

    The BBC had originally approached Russell T. Davies and asked him to make a character gay in the show. Davies planned for this character to be Luke, and intended to begin foreshadowing it from The Nightmare Man. However, Davies chose to cut one line which hinted more explicitly at this more development. The line which is cut is from the scene in which Luke saying goodbye to Sarah Jane as he departs for university.

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    Sarah Jane Smith is a journalist who writes about and fights aliens. She used to travel through time and space with a man called The Doctor. Now she lives on Bannerman road with her adopted son, Luke.

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    Luke Smith is a fictional regular character played by Tommy Knight in the British children's science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off of the long-running series Doctor Who. Luke is a regular character in The Sarah Jane Adventures both in television and audio adventures. He has also appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who: the two-parter "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End", and the Tenth Doctor's finale episode "The End of Time, Part Two". Within the narrative of th

    Luke Smith is introduced as "the Archetype" in the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the New Year's Day special "Invasion of the Bane". The Bane known as Mrs Wormwood creates the Archetype from thousands of samples of DNA taken from visitors touring their Bubble Shock!

    Revenge of the Slitheen sets up Series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, depicting Luke's first day at school and his difficulties and early bonding anxieties with Sarah Jane. Luke struggles to adapt to life at school owing to his inability to lie or master humour and his apparent

    Luke makes a further appearance in "Farewell, Sarah Jane", an epilogue for the series where years after the events of the main series, he has now come out as gay and is happily married and is now working with UNIT. He finds out whilst being in Geneva, that Sarah Jane has passed a

    Had the series not been ended by Sladen's death, Davies had intended for Luke to be gay. References had been made to Luke's friend Sanjay, whom Davies intended would be introduced properly as Luke's boyfriend. Although this was a development suggested by the network, Davies still ultimately chose to cut a line which hinted at this development in the Luke-centric two-parter The Nightmare Man. The line which is cut is from the scene in which Luke saying goodbye to Sarah Jane as he departs for univ

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    The show followed Sarah Jane Smith sometime after she met the Tenth Doctor in School Reunion. Like UNIT and Torchwood, Sarah had decided to deal with aliens in her own way. She was assisted by teenagers from her neighbourhood who unknowingly involve themselves in her life, such as Maria Jackson, Clyde Langer, and Rani Chandra. Also, through her adventures, Sarah entered motherhood by adopting former alien-created tools, such as her son Luke Smith and daughter Sky Smith. She was assisted in knowledge of alien life and technology by her super-computer, Mr Smith and robot dog K9 Mark IV.

    The development of SJA never attracted the same level of minute coverage of its parent programme. Whereas the production of individual Doctor Who stories was often known in great detail, behind-the-scenes information about SJAwas considerably harder to come by. The project appeared to have started in 2006, slightly prior to the broadcast of School Reunion. At that time, the CBBC expressed an interest in producing a Doctor Who spin-off. Their initial idea was "a drama based on the idea of a young Doctor Who", but Russell T. Davies vetoed this. "Somehow, the idea of a fourteen-year-old Doctor, on Gallifrey inventing sonic screwdrivers, takes away from the mystery and intrigue of who he is and where he came from," said Davies. He suggested instead a series based on the Doctor's former companion Sarah Jane Smith. Reports of a spin-off series first emerged around the time of School Reunion original airing, with the series having the working title of Sarah Jane Investigates. Indeed, Slade...


    The original executive producers for The Sarah Jane Adventures were Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Susie Liggat produced Invasion of the Bane, but Matthew Bouch took over for Liggat for series 1 "proper". Phil Collinson held the title of "Series Producer" during the first year. Gareth Roberts— a sort of "uncredited producer" — said of the initial series, Bouch remained in the producer's chair through series 2. For the following year, Nikki Wilson replaced him, and Piers Wenger, Julie Gar...

    Other departments

    The writing staff was fairly stable throughout the programme's run. The job of the head writer was effectively shared between Phil Ford, Gareth Roberts and Russel T Davies for most of the five years — though none of these men actually got a credit as "head writer". Davies did intend to write more stories for the show but on different occasions was forced to pull out being busy with writing Torchwood and Doctor Who, this meant he only ever was credited for writing two stories. Joseph Lidster,...


    Ordered in terms of most number of appearances, the main cast consisted of 1. Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen 2. Clyde Langer - Daniel Anthony 3. Mr Smith - Alexander Armstrong 4. Luke Smith - Tommy Knight(series 1-3; recurring 4-5) 5. Rani Chandra - Anjli Mohindra(series 2-5) 6. Maria Jackson - Yasmin Paige(series 1; recurring 2) 7. K9 Mark IV - John Leeson(series 3; recurring 1 and 4) 8. Sky Smith - Sinead Michael(series 5)


    1. Haresh Chandra - Ace Bhatti(series 2-5) 2. Gita Chandra - Mina Anwar(series 2-5) 3. Alan Jackson - Joseph Millson(series 1-2) 4. Chrissie Jackson - Juliet Cowan(series 1-2)

    Casting decisions were not routinely discussed in the press with anything like the ferocity that Doctor Whocasting announcements were. As a result, many cast changes were often the subject of fan speculation more than fact.

    SJA debuted on BBC One with a 60-minute special on 1 January 2007. A full series of ten 30-minute episodes followed later in the year. The second series had twelve 30-minute episodes and aired in the autumn of 2008, followed by a third in late 2009. A mini-episode for charity also aired in early 2009. Meanwhile, series four went into production in March 2010. At the same time, what was expected to be the first half of the fifth serieswas produced as part of the Series 4 recording block, with the second half of the series initially planned for production in early 2011. However, because Elisabeth Sladen died on 19 April 2011, series 5 was truncated to just those three serials that had been completed in 2010.The series, therefore, ended because Sladen died, and no parties to the production of the series wished to continue without her.

    Series 1 aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US and BBC Kids in Canada in 2007. In January 2010, Series 2 began airing on BBC Kids. No US broadcast of anything past series 1 ever occurred, and Canada never saw any episode past the second series. Invasion of the Bane was broadcast in Australia on ABC1. Nevertheless, in both Australia and New Zealand, the show started airing in January 2010 on Nickelodeon, though only Series 1-4 were broadcast. It was also aired in Brazil on TV Cultura in 2012.

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    The Sarah Jane Adventures Wiki is a fan created wiki site which aims to cover all the different aspects of the hit CBBC television series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, including characters, episodes, objects, locations, the cast and much more! Since this is a fan made wiki it means that anybody is free to edit!

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