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    The Spy GenreDrama Espionage thriller Screenplay byGideon Raff & Max Perry Directed byGideon Raff Starring Sacha Baron Cohen Noah Emmerich Original languageEnglish No. of episodes6 Production Executive producersGideon Raff Sacha Baron Cohen ProducerAlain Goldman Running time47–62 minutes Production companiesLegende Films Canal+ Netflix Release Original networkOCS Netflix Original releaseSeptember 6, 2019 The Spy is an English-language French espionage streaming television miniseries ...

    • Plot

      The miniseries follows the exploits of Eli Cohen, a Mossad...

    • Production

      The show was filmed in Morocco, Hungary, and the UK. Filming...

    • Reception

      On Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an 86% approval rating...

    • Eli Cohen

      Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen (Hebrew: אֱלִיָּהוּ בֵּן שָׁאוּל...

    • Noah Emmerich

      Noah Nicholas Emmerich (born February 27, 1965) is an...

    • Waleed Zuaiter

      Waleed F. Zuaiter (Arabic: وليد زعيتر ‎) is an American...

  2. Spy (2011 TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Spy_(2011_TV_series)

    Cast and characters. Darren Boyd as Tim Elliot. Jude Wright as Marcus Elliot: Tim's ten-and-a-half year-old son. Robert Lindsay as The Examiner: Tim's boss. Dolly Wells as Judith Elliot: Tim's ex-wife. Tom Goodman-Hill (series 1) and Mark Heap (series 2) as Philip Quil: Judith's partner and Marcus's ...

    • 14 October 2011 –, 26 December 2012
    • Sky 1
  3. Spy (2015 TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Spy_(2015_TV_series)
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    The fictional story begins after the execution of real-life North Korean general Jang Sung-taek. One day an order comes down from North Korea, reactivating erstwhile spy Park Hye-rim who has spent decades in South Korea as an ordinary housewife. She is given the mission to turn and bring in her own son, Kim Sun-woo. Cool-headed, quick-witted genius Sun-woo is an information analyst on North Korea working for the NIS. His girlfriend Yoon-jin is a tour guide for Chinese tourists who cannot speak Chinese, and they fell in love when Sun-woo helped her translate. Hye-rim is suddenly forced to choose between her son and country, and risks her life to see the choice through.

    Code No.1(Date: January 9, 2015)
    Code No.2(Date: January 16, 2015)
    Code No.3(Date:January 23, 2015)
    Code No.4(Date:February 6, 2015)
    Code No.5(Date:February 13, 2015)
    In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbersrepresent the highest ratings.
    NRdenotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date
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  5. A Perfect Spy (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › A_Perfect_Spy_(TV_series)
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    • Awards and Nominations

    A Perfect Spy Created byJohn le Carré Written byArthur Hopcraft Directed byPeter Smith StarringPeter Egan Ray McAnally Alan Howard Rüdiger Weigang Peggy Ashcroft Theme music composerMichael Storey Country of originUnited Kingdom Original languageEnglish No. of series1 No. of episodes7 Production ProducersJonathan Powell Colin Rogers EditorClare Douglas Running time374 min DistributorBBC Release Original networkBBC2 Picture format4:3 Audio formatMono Original release4 November – 16...

    A Perfect Spy traces the life story of Magnus Pym and his career in British intelligence and as a double agent. The series recounts Pym's childhood with his con-man father, his early years at school and university, his encounters with long-time friend and Czech spy Axel, and his final downfall.

    John J. O'Connor of The New York Times cited the series as "on a par with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People,", and wrote it "makes another very impressive addition to the television record of Le Carre explorations. Gloomy and disturbing, to be sure, but singularly absorbing."

    The series was nominated for five BAFTA Awards in 1988, for Drama Series, Ray McAnally for Actor, Michael Storey for Original Music and Television Craft for Film Cameraman and Film Sound. After airing in the United States on Masterpiece Theater, the series was nominated for two Emmy Awards at the 41st Primetime Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Miniseries and Peggy Ashcroft for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries.

    • 7
    • Michael Storey
    • 4 November –, 16 December 1987
    • BBC2
  6. The Bureau (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Bureau_(TV_series)

    In the United States and Canada, the series was first launched exclusively on iTunes where it remained in the Top Five most downloaded TV seasons for two weeks, with several episodes in the top 100 most downloaded and a 4.5/5 viewer rating.

    • April 27, 2015 –, present
    • Canal+
  7. Chuck (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Chuck_(TV_series)
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    Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) is in his mid-twenties and works at Buy More, a Burbank, California, consumer-electronics chain store. He is an intelligent, but unmotivated, computer service expert and works alongside his best friend, Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez). He had been expelled from Stanford University on false charges that he cheated in one of his classes, which likely damaged his drive and morale. He lives with his sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and her boyfriend, Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb (Ryan McPartlin), who are doctors that constantly encourage Chuck to make progress in his professional and romantic life. Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), Chuck's former Stanford University roommate and now a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent, steals the Intersect, the entire merged database of the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA), and destroys the computer storing it. The sole surviving copy becomes subliminally embedded in Chuck's brain via encoded images when he opens...

    Recurring cast

    1. Tony Todd as Langston Graham(seasons 1, 2 and 5) 2. Matthew Bomer as Bryce Larkin(seasons 1 and 2) 3. C.S. Lee as Harry Tang(season 1) 4. Rachel Bilsonas Lou Palone (season 1) 5. Mini Andénas Carina Miller (season 1, 3 and 4) 6. Tony Hale as Emmett Milbarge (season 2 and 3)[Note 1] 7. John Larroquetteas Roan Montgomery (seasons 2 and 4) 8. Nicole Richieas Heather Chandler (seasons 2 and 4) 9. Jordana Brewster as Jill Roberts(season 2) 10. Arnold Vosloo as Vincent Smith(season 2) 11. Chevy...


    Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak wrote the script for the first episode, which was initially given a put pilot commitment by NBC before a pilot order was green lit by the network in January 2007. Schwartz and Fedak both attended the University of Southern California. Fedak pitched the idea to Schwartz, who agreed to develop the project with him. Joseph McGinty Nichol, Schwartz's fellow executive producer on The O.C., directed the first hour of the series and consequently became an executive prod...


    Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin were the first two to be cast in February 2007 in the roles of Chuck Bartowski and veteran NSA agent Major John Casey, respectively. Fedak always had Baldwin in mind for the role of John Casey and the producers found that the actor was a "perfect fit" for the character during the first casting session. Relative newcomer Yvonne Strahovski was chosen for the female lead role of what was then CIA officer Sarah Kent in the same month. Casting continued throughout Mar...

    Filming locations

    Although Chuck's apartment is set in Echo Park, the pilot was shot in El Cabrillo in Hollywood. After the series was picked up, the apartment and the building's courtyard were re-created on a Warner Bros. soundstage.Aerial views throughout the show combine shots of Echo Park and El Cabrillo. The exterior shots of the Burbank Buy More where Chuck and Morgan work are of a former Mervyn's store in the Fallbrook Mall in West Hills.The inside of the Burbank Buymore was also built on the Warner Bro...


    Despite heavy promotion from NBC and positive critical reviews, Chuck suffered in domestic ratings due to stiff competition from established hits from ABC (Dancing with the Stars), Fox (House), and CBS (How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement) in the Monday 8:00–9:00 pm ET timeslot. Its ratings were also affected by the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike in the first season and President Barack Obama's prime time news conference that led to the show being preempted for a week in the...

    Critical reception

    Chuck has received critical acclaim. Rolling Stone magazine included the show on its fall 2007 "We Like to Watch" list, saying the show "wipes the floor with the other fall debuts". Chuck landed on USA Today's list of the "10 Picks for 2007" and they called Levi's performance "incredibly winning", giving the comedy three-out-of-four stars. Chuck drew numerous comparisons to another critically acclaimed comedy that debuted in Fall 2007—Reaper—which also starred a twenty-something underachiever...

    Awards and honors

    Season 1 of Chuck enjoyed much formal recognition. The program was mentioned multiple times in IGN's 2007 year-in-review awards. Along with winning the honor of Best New TV Series, Sarah Walker won the award for best TV character, and Chuck and Sarah as a couple won the "Couple That We Rooted for the Most" award. Chuck was also nominated for "Best New TV Comedy Series" at the 2008 People's Choice Awards, which aired on January 8, 2008, but lost to Samantha Who? The series stunt coordinator Me...

    Broadcast history

    The first showing of the pilot occurred on July 27, 2007 at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The series was originally slated to air on Tuesday nights at 9/8c as announced at the 2007 upfronts but this was later changed to Monday nights at 8/7c as announced during the 2007 Television Critics Association summer press tour. The season premiere aired on September 24, 2007 on NBC. The pilot was leaked onto torrent websites on July 22, 2007. All thirteen episodes produced before the 2007 Writ...

    Online distribution

    All episodes of Seasons 1 through 5 are available for purchase in the U.S. at the iTunes Store, PlayStation Network, Amazon Video, and Xbox Live Marketplace. In an aggressive marketing campaign by NBC, the pilot episode was released across a broad range of media from satellite broadcasting to popular social networking websites such as Facebook, shown on United Airlines flights, freely distributed on video on demand on about 30 cable and satellite systems including Comcast, Time Warner Cable,...

    Home media

    Both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc box sets are distributed by Warner Home Video. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc box sets of The Complete First Season contain the same special features: deleted scenes ("Declassified Scenes"); "Chuck's World—an inside look at character development and casting sessions"; "Chuck on Chuck"—commentaries by Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Josh Schwartzand Chris Fedak; bloopers ("Chuck vs. the Chuckles"); and "Chuck's Online World—a gallery of web originated mini-featurettes". On...


    In May 2007, NBC announced that their official website would launch "MyNBC" allowing users to be more interactive with selected shows. MyNBC will allow fans to delve inside Chuck's "brain" which will host hot spots of top-secret government information that the title character possesses. It will also have bonus video features. In addition, NBC further announced in July 2007 that tie-in micro websites where fans who log onto would be directed to giving them access...


    Wildstorm, a DC Comics imprint, produced a six-issue mini-series written by Peter Johnson and Zev Borow (series co-executive producer and writer, respectively), with art by Jeremy Haun and Phil Noto. It started in June 2008. A trade paperback collection was published in July 2009. It also includes a public service announcement on brushing one's teeth from Captain Awesome and two gag adventures with Morgan based on film noir and The Odyssey. (WildStorm also releases Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machi...

    Charitable Reunion

    On April 17, 2020, Entertainment Weekly reunited the entire cast to do a table read via Zoom of the Season 3, Episode 9. The reunion was part of EW's #UnitedAtHome campaign. It also served as a charity drive for Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund.

    In March 2013, Levi told Entertainment Weekly that Warner Brothers' use of Kickstarter to fund previously shut-down TV series could possibly open the door for a Chuck film. However, he cited conflicts with Chuck broadcasts in other countries, such as Japan, as the main reason that a film would not be started anytime soon. In March 2017, Levi told Larry King that he was "working on it" (the film) and that it was a "steady but sure process".In March 2020, Levi told on Instagram Live session that he is still interested in making the film happen.

  8. Spy City (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb › title › tt10625812

    Spy City: With Dominic Cooper, Romane Portail, Leonie Benesch, Johanna Wokalek. An English spy who is sent to Berlin in 1961 to sift out a traitor in the UK Embassy or among the Allies, shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wall.

  9. The Champions - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Champions

    30 April 1969. ( 1969-04-30) The Champions is a British espionage thriller / science fiction / occult detective fiction adventure television series. It was produced by Lew Grade 's ITC Entertainment production company, and consists of 30 episodes broadcast on the UK network ITV during 1968–1969.

  10. Top 100 Spy & Espionage TV Shows - IMDb › list › ls041385132

    36. Jack Ryan (2018– ) Error: please try again. An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit. 37. Prison Break (2005–2017) Error: please try again. Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man ...

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