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    Tony Hicks is still an active member of The Hollies as they continue to do concerts mostly in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. He is currently the lead guitarist (and other various string instruments) and does vocals. Personal life. Hicks has been married to Jane Dawton since 1974.

    • Career

      Hicks first had a taste of fame at age 12 as a member of Les...

    • Awards and honours

      In 2010, The Hollies were inducted into the Rock and Roll...

    • Current era

      Tony Hicks is still an active member of The Hollies as they...

    • Personal life

      Hicks has been married to Jane Dawton since 1974. Hicks'...

  2. Anthony Christopher Hicks (born 16 December 1945) is an English guitarist and singer. He was a member of the British pop group The Hollies since 1963. He was added into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

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    The UK hits continued with "Gasoline Alley Bred" (written by Cook/Greenaway/Macaulay) (Oct. 1970, UK No.14, Australia No.20), while the Tony Hicks song "Too Young to Be Married" – merely an album track in the UK and the US – became a No.1 single in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, also reaching No.9 in Singapore. Allan Clarke's hard ...

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    Tony Hicks died in Sydney, Australia on 13 August 2006. Re-formation. In 2007 Colin Hodgkinson formed a new trio under the name Colin Hodgkinson Group with Rod Mason (sax) and Paul Robinson (drums). In 2008 they released Back Door Too!, a mixture of old Back Door numbers and new material. Discography

    • 1971–2003
    • Blakey, Yorkshire
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  6. Tony Hicks - Biography - IMDb

    As a member of the Hollies, Tony contributed to the three-part harmony sound, his amazing guitar work and solos as well as using one of the first banjos on a pop record ever (listen to Stop! Stop! Tony also wrote songs with the band. 40 years after the first gig with the band, Tony is still out there touring with the Hollies - catch him or miss ...

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    Hicks has also been heavily involved in preserving The Beatles recordings, working hand in hand with George Martin in remixing and remastering their entire catalogue. This effort has won Hicks three Grammy Awards. His father is The Hollies guitarist Tony Hicks. Paul is a member of Dhani Harrison's band thenewno2.

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    Tony Hicks (Anthony Christopher Hicks; * 1945), brietschen Gitarrspeler un Sänger, Tony Hicks (1948–2006), brietschen Slagtüügspeler, Tony Hicks (* 1994), US-amerikaanschen Basketballspeler,

  9. India Hicks - Wikipedia

    India Hicks admitted shoplifting £680 Max Mara coat from Heathrow Harrods. Hicks, 53, pleaded guilty at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on 21 Sept 2020 and was conditionally discharged for three months. She was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £22 victim surcharge. Her address was given in court as Schenectady, a US city in New York state.

  10. Brief circa-1976 interview excerpt with Tony & Terry (on an Aussie TV program I think). Includes a short segment of the Tom Jones "Sorry Suzanne" clip withou...

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