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    The United States of America(USA), commonly known as the United States(USor U.S.) or America, is a country primarily locatedin central North America, between Canadaand Mexico. It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

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    U.S. state From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In the United States, a state is a constituent political entity, of which there are currently 50. Bound together in a political union, each state holds governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory and shares its sovereignty with the federal government.

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    1954 – The first commercial transistor radio, the Regency TR-1 (pictured), was introduced in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. 1967 – The Soviet space probe Venera 4 became the first spacecraft to perform direct in situ analysis of the environment of another planet ( Venus ).

  4. The United States of America is a federal republic of fifty states, a federal district, and several territories. It is commonly called the United States, the United States of America (shortened to U.S. and U.S.A.), and also sometimes just America. The country is mostly in North America.

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    Encouraged by the notion of manifest destiny, U.S. territory expanded all the way to the Pacific Coast. While the United States was large in terms of area, by 1790 its population was only 4 million. However, it grew rapidly, reaching 7.2 million in 1810, 32 million in 1860, 76 million in 1900, 132 million in 1940, and 321 million in 2015.

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    This article lists the 50 states of the United States.It also lists their populations, date they became a state or agreed to the United States Declaration of Independence, their total area, land area, water area and the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives.

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    U-S-A!" in support of the U.S. hockey team as the U.S. scored a decisive win over one of the best teams in the world. The chant became a fixture of the team's remaining games and gained national attention after the U.S. defeated the Soviet Union in what became known as the "Miracle on Ice", later moving on to beat Finland for the gold medal.

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    The U.S. refused to recognize the belligerence of the rebels, and in effect endorsed Spanish colonial rule there, while calling for the abolition of slavery in Cuba. This policy was shaken in October 1873, when a Spanish cruiser captured a merchant ship, Virginius, flying the U.S. flag, carrying supplies and men to aid the insurrection. Spanish ...

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    The United States Navy (USN) is the maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.It is the largest and most capable navy in the world and it has been estimated that in terms of tonnage of its active battle fleet alone, it is larger than the next 13 navies combined, which includes 11 U.S. allies or partner nations.