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    What are the abilities of the element of fire?

    What are the different types of elemental abilities?

    What are the capabilities of a fire manipulater?

    What are the different types of kinetic powers?

    • Fire Barrier: A wall or layers of fire used to defend or seperate.
    • Fire Tendrils: Thin, long, prehensile strands of fire or heat that move through space. They can expand or contract in 2...
    • Simulacrum: Fire manipulated into shapes resembling living things such as people, demons, and animals or objects such as...
  2. Fire Manipulation. Solar Manipulation. Plasma Manipulation. Phoenix Physiology. Thermal Manipulation. Radiation Manipulation. Nuclear Manipulation. Calokinetic Human Physiology. All items (686)

  3. Light Manipulation - Manipulate light. Light Generation - Generate light. Light Mimicry - Transform into light or mimic traits of light. Light Magic - Use magic related to light. Light Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of light. Photokinetic Combat - Combine ...

  4. Blinding Flash - extremely bright burst of fire Burn a (message, pattern, symbol) onto a surface Cauterize Wounds - stops bleeding Change Color of Fire - different material burn with different color flame. Caster can alter the color of flames Conjure Column of Fire Conjure Lights - conjure floating ...

  5. Users can create, shape, control, generate and manipulate every form/type of fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.

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