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  1. Fire Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of fire. Pyroscience - Have absolute knowledge about fire. Pyrokinetic Combat - Combine fire-related abilities with combat. Pyrokinetic Constructs - Create/Construct anything using fire. Pyrokinetic Regeneration - Heal/Regenerate using fire. Pyro-Telekinesis - Use telekinesis using fire.

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  2. Fire-elemental beings, for example, don't take too well to Water-elemental attacks. Similarly, Elemental Powers (especially the core four/five) are very competitive if not stronger than abstract elements because of the Inverse Law of Complexity to Power. Those with these powers may also have the ability of Elemental Absorption.

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    • Air. I think air is the most underestimated. Air is obviously the most powerful and convenient but often it's seen as trivial. I would definitely choose to control air.
    • Fire. Here is the reason why I believe fire is the best element. Fire destroys anything in its path. Fire can evaporate water with intensive training. Fire is also a form of explosion which causes earth users to be useless.
    • Water. The most powerful element because water weakens fire, water uses water molecules in earth or turns it to mud and controls it that way, it uses water vapor in air to defeat air.
    • Electricity. Lightning is such a freaking awesome element and needs more attention. Lightning creates distanced fighting to help you fight far away from your enemy, Lightning is also so unique and powerful creating destructive and dangerous shock waves, Electricity blasts and much more which can burn you to pieces if struck by it.
  4. Fire deals with pure heat and the control of temperature. Below is a list of powers of the fire element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe. Active Powers. Pyrogenesis: The ability to create a source of fire including fire balls, barries of fire, fire discs, etc. . Sometimes, newly bonded human do not possess this capability but eventually can after about 2 years at the most.

  5. Users can create, shape, control, generate and manipulate every form/type of fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.

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    • Finding True Balance
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    A lot of young Wiccans are eager to find their elements. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but traditionally in Wicca there is no such thing. Yes, you read that right. I know that’s not a popular opinion these days because the idea has gained recent popularity, but please follow my reasoning before you dismiss it. I remember when this idea began popping up in the last 10 or 15 years, a lot of us long-time Wiccans looked at each other with furrowed brows and asked, “Huh?” I tried hunting down the source—nearest I can tell, the idea came from fiction and cartoons and made their way into bad Wicca 101 books and the kind of websites I tend not to recommend because they present every New Age concept as Wiccan. First, it should be understood that Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water are not the same thingas dirt, oxygen, flames and H20. The Spiritual Elements—capital “E”—together make up everything in life. For example, the Element of Water (capitalized) is not just the stuff that pours out...

    The idea of controlling Elements in Wicca is another misconception. I’m not going to argue here whether it’s even possible to control fire or water or air with your mind—and I don’t even know how someone would go about controlling earth (other than gardening or making mud pies). Even if this was possible, this would fall under the category of psychic abilities. While a Wiccan might believe in this stuff, or attempt to perform these tasks, it does not make doing these things part of our religion. I do have to note here, the idea of "controlling elements" seems to me an incredible waste of time and energy. Let’s assume here for a second people who claim they have these powers can actually do what they say they do. They cause a flame to flicker or a little feather to bounce around or water to ripple at will. That’s all fine and good, but I ask… what is the spiritual lesson and benefit in this? The amount of practice and effort that goes into what amounts to little more than a neat tric...

    In Wicca, controlling the Elements isn’t about making candle flames dance or creating gusts of wind with your mind. Controlling the Elements is about finding self-control and balance within yourself and your life. You want to control the Element of Fire? Don’t play with candle flames—learn how to control your temper. Learn how to nurture your passions and channel them productively. Work on expressing yourself artistically. You want to Control the Element of Water? Don’t play with running faucets to see if you can make the flow shift an inch over—learn how to master your emotions. Learn how to be more compassionate and understanding. Learn how to listen to and interpret your intuition. Learn how control your mood swings. You want to Control the Element of Air? Study, learn, and apply your knowledge to life. Practice speaking, help yourself learn to think more carefully about what comes out of your mouth and express yourself more effectively. Don’t allow yourself to give into cynical...

    While it's true that a certain Element can be dominant in your life (either for your whole life, or for certain periods of it), that doesn't make you "an Element," and it doesn't mean you are intrinsically tied to it, like it or not. It doesn't mean it should be your focus, either in your life or in your spiritual practices (again, it could indicate your need to bring better Elemental balance). Further, it doesn't imply supernatural connection to or power over the Element. I know a lot of people who came to Wicca more recently and started with books and websites that tout the “find your element” concept, and it’s very hard to think of things differently when you get used to them. Some will even get defensive when such ideas are challenged. I also know some people like the idea of having supernatural mastery over nature, and this very idea is what drew them to alternative religions in the first place. I understand that learning to control your temper is not as exciting and flashy a r...

    Mackenzie Sage Wright (author)on September 24, 2020: The ones you work to develop. sophiaon April 18, 2020: how do u know what powers do u have? These sweet children omgon April 14, 2020: Any kid reading this. Please read through the article and saying that you can summon some sort of elemental power. THats not how it works!!! Like she said in the article its not like parlor tricks more or doing or saying : " You want to control the Element of Fire? Don’t play with candle flames—learn how to control your temper. Learn how to nurture your passions and channel them productively. Work on expressing yourself artistically." Really there is a big difference between these so i hope when you have more experience with this you'll understand that summoning elementals arent like having magical powers, its the powers through your words or feelings Maddieon April 10, 2020: I really enjoy this article, learned nearly 5 wind/air spells and now that ive read this, i find it reallly unbalanced. But...

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