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  2. Sep 18, 2018 · When shivering is a response to feeling cold, grabbing an extra blanket or pulling on a sweatshirt can usually still your muscles and warm you up. A hot cup of tea or coffee can also help.

    • James Roland
  3. Shivering | definition of shivering by Medical dictionary

    shivering: [ shiv´er-ing ] involuntary shaking of the body, as with cold. It is caused by contraction or twitching of the muscles, and is a physiologic method of heat production in humans and other mammals. As a form of aerobic skeletal muscle activity, vigorous shivering uses about as much energy as riding a bicycle or shoveling snow. Weak or ...

  4. Shivering: Causes, treatment, and when to see a doctor

    Jan 17, 2020 · Involuntary trembling, shaking, or shivering can be due to a medical condition called essential tremor. Essential tremor is a neurological condition, meaning that it relates to the brain.

    • Claire Sissons
  5. Shivering - Wikipedia

    Shivering and the elderly. The functional capacity of the thermoregulatory system alters with aging, reducing the resistance of elderly people to extreme temperatures. The shiver response may be greatly diminished or even absent in the elderly, resulting in a significant drop in mean deep body temperature upon exposure to cold.

  6. Uncontrollable Shivering: Common Causes and Natural Treatments

    Jul 24, 2018 · Uncontrollable shivering is your body’s reaction to being exposed to cold temperatures for a length of time, a drop in blood sugar levels, fighting an infection, sepsis, or being under extreme anxiety. Severe shivering is also called “rigors” and the body uses these tremors to increase its core temperature.

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  7. What Could Uncontrollable Shivering Mean? 7 Possible Causes
    • Cold Exposure. When you are outside on a cold day or when you are in a pool or ocean, you may experience shivers. Shivering indoors is also possible, especially when the air conditioning is set to a very low temperature.
    • Side Effect of Medications. Certain types of medications, prescription medicine, and over-the-counter medications, including herbal supplements may also cause uncontrollable shivering without fever, especially when they are taken with incorrect dosages.
    • Infections. Shivering can also be experienced when the body is fighting bacterial or viral infections, such as: Flu: Influenza, also called the flu, is a viral infection that mainly attacks the body's respiratory system.
    • Sepsis. Sepsis is an extreme complication of an infection. Its early symptoms include high or low body temperature, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, chills or shivering.
  8. Shivering with Fever: Causes, Treatment, and When to Seek Help

    Mar 20, 2020 · Shivering helps the body warm itself. When you shiver, your muscles contract and relax in rapid succession, and all those little movements can create heat.

    • James Roland
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