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      • Inspired by a fever dream in which he saw a metallic skeleton emerging from a huge fire, James Cameron wrote The Terminator for himself to direct. The story of a killer cyborg going back in time from a future ravaged by war between humans and machines to assassinate the mother of the leader of the resistance was a tough sell in Hollywood, but Cameron managed to secure a budget to shoot it .
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  2. How Piranha 2 Inspired James Cameron's The Terminator › piranha-2-terminator-movie

    Nov 10, 2020 · But back in the early 1980s, Cameron was far from king of the world, toiling away on Piranha 2, a movie he infamously had a hard time directing, due to constant producer meddling. Oddly enough though, a consequence of that meddling was Cameron inventing The Terminator. How Piranha 2 Inspired James Cameron's The Terminator

  3. What was James Cameron's inspiration for creating the first ... › What-was-James-Camerons

    Sep 04, 2018 · He was inspired by the low budget horror film Halloween, and he used this as inspiration to write his own script for a ‘slasher-like’ film. There are also some pretty awesome concept sketches floating around.

  4. 'Terminator': How James Cameron came up with film idea ... › james-cameron-came-up

    James Cameron came up with the idea for 'Terminator' during a fever dream ... the fever dream greatly inspired the way the T-800 moves. ... "What I found effective on Terminator was to do a slow ...

  5. TERMINATOR NEWS: Is it possible that Terminator creator, James Cameron, took inspiration from Star Wars' 'Beilert Valance' when writing and designing The Ter...

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    Jul 17, 2020 · Take James Cameron. The guy who directed The Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, and Avatar, got his start working for B-movie director Roger Corman. The book, Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses: Roger Corman, King of the B Movie, details Cameron’s meteoric rise under Corman to directing his own project, The Terminator.

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    Cameron injected into “The Terminator” a sense of gravitas and mission. While time travel had been done before (Cameron’s script itself resembled two “Outer Limits” episodes by Harlan Ellison, who suc-cessfully sued Orion for copyright infringement), “The Terminator” granted quasi-religious meaning to the proceedings.

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    "Thank you for explaining".
    - Cameron

    Cameron/Post Judgment Day Timeframe: ???? - 2027. Cameron is created as a dedicated replacement for Resistance fighter Allison Young. Her purpose: to get close to John Connor. Whether she was supposed to terminate him, or, as a probable member of Cyborg Resistance, to help him fight Skynet is not known. She is later seen alongside Human Resistance and John (possibly reprogrammed to do so), who sends her back to the year 1999 to protect his younger self. Cameron/Season 1 Timeframe: 1999 - 2007. Cameron travels back to the year 1999 with the objective of finding and protecting a 15 year-old John Connor. She saves him from multiple assassination attempts and uses time displacement equipment to send John, Sarah, and herself to the year 2007 where they endeavor to prevent the creation of Skynet by hunting down a computer system called the Turk. Cameron/Season 2 Timeframe: 2007 - 2009. Cameron is damaged by an explosion and temporarily becomes the very thing she was programmed to protect...

    Cameron is portrayed by Summer Glau, who was Josh Friedman's first choice for the role. A trained ballet dancer before she became an actress, Glau's dancing skills were transferred to the character...
    The scene used for Summer's audition involved a crying Cameron discussing with John the future in which she meets him, how he saves her life and "how [she] feels about [him]".
    Cameron's origins have remained a mystery throughout the first season and the opening episodes of Season 2. However, her story is partially revealed in "Allison from Palmdale", wherein she is revea...

    Main article: T-900 Cameron is the first Terminator with various additional features, such as full color HUD, feeling, crying, and eating. Combat: Cameron's physical abilities may be somewhat diminished compared to larger endoskeletons, due to her greater sacrifice of overall mass and reach. However, she seems to be far more flexible than the other Terminators but is endowed with comparable pure strength. She is programmed with the greatest repertoire and mastery of Eastern Martial Arts compared to all the Terminators in existence thus far, and relies on sophisticated techniques and finesse rather than brute force in comparison. She also employs tactics that utilize the surrounding environment more than her rivals, such as in the Pilot episode when she used an electric fuse to force Cromartie offline. She was shown to be powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Cromartie and disable him in single combat in the pilot episode as well as other T-888s such as Vick (whom she manhandles, def...

    Creation and development 1. "Terminators—and this is from James Cameron's vision of the mythology—are actually infiltrators. If that is the case, then what better infiltrator than a beautiful, petite teenage girl?" 2. - Josh Friedman. Josh Friedman referenced franchise creator James Cameron's original concept for Terminators as he formulated ideas for the character. James Cameron envisioned Terminators as robotic, humanoid infiltration units "that could blend in with humanity." In keeping with this idea, Friedman introduced Cameron as the most advanced model of Terminator whose ascendancy over other models was defined by her ability to mimic human behavior. The decision to make the character a teenager, female and of a small physical stature was also influenced by the original Terminator character concept; Friedman believed that such attributes were ideal for an infiltrator. Another factor that prompted Friedman to characterize Cameron as an adolescent female stemmed from the desire...

    Cameron has been shown speaking five languages: English, Spanish102, Russian107, Armenian109, and Japanese210.
    Cameron seems to enjoy listening (and dancing) to Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor, although, as a computer, she is putting in to practice what Allison told her under interrogation about her moth...
    Cameron is the first female character to say the famous line, "Come with me if you want to live".
    Cameron's been seen using six weapons: a Glock 17 pistol102 (apparently her favorite firearm, which she on occasion dual-wields210), a HK-5105, an M-79 grenade launcher106, an M4A1202, a Remington...
    Cameron at Summer Glau Wiki
    Cameron at Wikipedia
    ↑ "Born to Run"
    ↑ This is canon level 3 and any assumptions made based on the character articles involving TSCC are to be taken as such. The films state a clear and present timeline that does not interfere with th...
    ↑ In the Pilot, John Connor asks Cameron, "What model are you? Are you new? You seem... different." She eats a potato chip and says, "I am."
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    Inspired by director John Carpenter, who had made the slasher film Halloween (1978) on a low budget, Cameron used the dream as a "launching pad" to write a slasher-style film. Cameron's agent disliked the early concept of the horror film and requested that he work on something else. After this, Cameron dismissed his agent.

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