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  1. To find an EIRCODE for a house, plot or building use our handy searching tool. Enter the Address or GPS location into the tool to get started. You can also search starting with an EIRCODE to find an address. Please note not all locations are currently available and we are working to complete the database of EIRCODEs. 🤷‍♂️ Did you know?

  2. Search Eircode or Address you can search, find or verify EIRCODE here just write the address above or write Eircode if you want to check the address. Examples of EIRCODE: D07 A003 D01 TX31 Examples of Address: Merrion Square W, Dublin 2 O’Connell Street Lower, North City, Dublin 1

  3. The list of Eircode routing key areas in Ireland is a tabulation of the routing key areas used by An Post and other mail delivery services for the purposes of directing mail within Ireland. A routing key area "defines a principal post town" according to An Post. There are currently 139 routing key areas in the country. This table does not include the second part of Ireland's seven-character Eircodes, known as the "unique identifier". These are unique to individual addresses and are not street-le

  4. The codes, known as "Eircodes", consist of seven characters. The first three characters, called the "Routing Key", are designed to benefit the postal and logistics industry and contain on average 15,000 addresses each. The Routing Key is used to help sort mail, it is the principal post town of the address as defined by An Post.

  5. Eircode is a smart Postcode finder System that is the best alternative to the traditional postal addresses in Ireland It is a seven characters code that helps to identify every location with an address. It has replaced the old Ireland postcode system. Now You can find any address information in any county with help of Eircode.

  6. Click the “Get Started” button to the right to launch the EIRCODE-Finder lookup tool to search and find out your EIRCODE. Get Started Perhaps you just moved to a new flat, or you have run into a website that has asked for a code. finding your EIRCODE it’s probably the last thing that you want to be thinking about right now, but we have a few resources to help you.

  7. Oct 28, 2015 · An Eircode should always be presented in upper case as two parts separated by a space, on stationary, mail items, computer forms, etc. i.e. A65 F4E2 and never A65F4E2. Codes stored in database shouldn't be separated with space or dash, should be separated but only by space and only for displaying. Assuming, correct regex should looks like:

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