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      • black noun couleur noire, sombre, obscur, deuil, sale, mauvais, méchant dark noun sombre, foncé, obscurité, obscur, brun, profond black man noun noir
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  2. Sentences with the word noir. Words that rhyme with noir. What is the plural of noir? Use our Synonym Finder. Nearby Words. noirish. NOIs. noise. noise about.

  3. Noir synonyms - 54 Words and Phrases for Noir black adj. colored adj. dark adj. bold adj. caliginous adj. # rare cheerless adj. cimmerian adj. # rare cloudy adj. comfortless adj. crepuscular adj. # literary darkness n. darks adj. depressing adj. dim adj. dingy adj. dismal adj. drab adj. dreary adj. dusky adj. frowzy adj. funereal adj. gloomy adj.

  4. Related terms for noir- synonyms, antonyms and sentences with noir Lists synonyms antonyms definitions sentences thesaurus Parts of speech adjectives nouns Synonyms Similar meaning View all black colored dark bold caliginous cheerless cimmerian cloudy comfortless crepuscular darkness darks depressing dim dingy dismal drab dreary dusky frowzy

  5. 7. 1. Chemistry and radiation and the physics of manipulation leading to a dubious future. All this, all this nonsense accelerates the conveyor belt to the coffin. 2. People trample each other in the mud, in this way fertilize the earth with corpses.

  6. noir. adjective. Definition of noir (Entry 2 of 2) : having a bleak and darkly cynical quality of the kind associated with hard-boiled crime fiction and film noir a noir thriller In this boldly styled first novel, Komarnicki follows a 30-year-old homeless man on a noir odyssey of death and survival through the streets of New Orleans and Hong Kong. — Sybil S. Steinberg The plot of this violent fairy tale is as noir and nasty as the characters.

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