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    • What is the aggregate market value of private companies ?

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      Private companies don't have the stringent reporting requirements of public companies so the best you could possibly to is to interview a sample of companies, standardize their reports as they will surely be using slightly different...

    • what is research ?

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      Research Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cite This Source Research is a human activity based on intellectual investigation and aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising human knowledge on different aspects of the world. Research...

    • Who do you think should pay for scientific research , government or private...

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      Both, and also others. High energy physics research requires equipment so expensive that only a government (or a collection of governments) can afford it. Few companies (like IBM and ATT Bell Labs and Xerox) see enough value in pure...

    • Privately held company - Wikipedia
      • Researching private companies and private companies' financials in the United States can involve contacting the Secretary of State for the state of incorporation (or for LLC or partnership, state of formation), or using specialized private company databases such as Dun & Bradstreet.,private%20company%20databases%20such%20as%20Dun%20%26%20Bradstreet.
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  2. How to Research a Private Company | Bizfluent

    Private-company research takes more digging than a publicly held company, as private firms aren't legally obligated to provide as much information about themselves. Their website, newspaper and magazine articles and information filed with the state government are among the sources you can research.

  3. May 15, 2020 · First, if the company you are researching merged with or was acquired by, a public company it is possibly that the public company may provide investors information about the deal via SEC filings. Second, if the company was once public but goes private, previous SEC filings will still be available and may can be helpful for a limited time.

  4. May 15, 2020 · When doing company research there are many sources to use. Depending on the company—its size, industry, or location—some sources will be good while others will not. Small and private companies tend to be harder to research; researching them tends to be a more creative exercise.

  5. Private Companies - Company and Industry Research - LibGuides ...

    Jun 23, 2020 · A private company is a company that is not traded on any stock exchange. Private companies as a general rule do not have to file any documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Consequently, finding information on private companies can be quite challenging. See also: Public company research

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  6. 7 Popular Sources for Company Information and Research
    • GlobalData is a leading source of actionable insight into the consumer goods, technology, and healthcare sectors. GlobalData publishes different types of company profiles; some provide a concise strategic SWOT analysis and financial review, while others are more extensive and outline specific pipeline products in development and ongoing clinical trials.
    • ICD Research publishes thousands of company profiles across a broad range of verticals including packaging, construction, defense, retail, mining, travel and tourism, and consumer products.
    • MarketLine is one of the most prolific publishers of business information today. Its reports are designed to provide a 360-degree view of the company and may include a detailed SWOT analysis, strategy case studies, and merger and acquisition deals.
    • PrivCo provides private company financial information, researching 900,000 private companies worldwide. PrivCo aggregates information from regulatory filings, news sources, and industry resource.
  7. Private Company Research - Company Research - LibGuides at ...

    Jul 02, 2020 · If your project's company is a smaller, local company it may not be in some of the larger business databases. Here are strategies you can use to find information: Strategy #1: Search for a company website. Strategy #2: Search databases that contain some private company information. Suggested databases:

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  8. Databases - Company & Industry: Private Companies - Research ...

    May 08, 2020 · About Private Company Research Unlike public companies, private companies are not regulated by the federal government. Therefore, it is at the discretion of a private company if, and what, they want to disclose about themselves.

  9. Private Company Research - Doing Company Research (Business ...

    Dec 19, 2017 · PrivCo is a source for private company business and financial intelligence that covers over 500,000 private companies. PrivCo focuses its coverage on U.S. Major Private Companies (with at least $50-100 million in annual revenues) including thousands of companies that earn well under $10 million per year in annual revenue.

  10. Jun 12, 2020 · Investext contains active and historical research reports from brokerages, investment banks and independent research firms around the globe including Barclays, Credit Suisse, Cowen & Company, J.P. Morgan, and Deutsche Bank.

  11. List of private spaceflight companies - Wikipedia

    Private Company name Space Craft name Space Craft type Internal volume Passenger capacity Craft status Orbit Around Ref Axiom Space: Axiom International Commercial Space Station Rigid Module 8: Proposed (2016) Earth Bigelow Aerospace: Genesis I subscale test spacecraft Inflatable module 11.5 m 3 (406 cu ft) Uncrewed