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  1. Top 10 Source Code Search Engines - I'm Programmer
    • Github. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. GitHub was developed by Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett, Tom Preston-Werner and Scott Chacon using Ruby on Rails.
    • Source Code Online. Source code online allows users to access codes and submit codes. It helps you review how codes are generated for other web pages. Byte My Code.
    • Snipplr. With Snipplr, all of your code snippets are stored in one place. These may include details regarding codes, languages, HTML and other components, with other communities.
    • Ohloh. The Black Duck Open Hub is owned and operated by Black Duck Software. Ohloh was known by “Black Duck” or “O Hub”. The Open Hub is a directory and community, offering analytics and search services and tools.
  2. Google Code Search - Wikipedia

    Google Code Search was a free beta product from Google which debuted in Google Labs on October 5, 2006, allowing web users to search for open-source code on the Internet. . Features included the ability to search using operators, namely lang:, package:, license:, and

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    • Google
    • October 5, 2006; 14 years ago
    • Search engine
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  4. Search Engine Definition & Meaning | What is A Search Engine?

    Search engines are programs that search documents for specific keywords and return a list of the documents where the keywords were found. A search engine is really a general class of programs; however, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

  5. What is a Search Engine? - Computer Hope

    A search engine is software accessed on the Internet that searches a database of information according to the user's query. The engine provides a list of results that best match what the user is trying to find. Today, there are many different search engines available on the Internet, each with its own abilities and features.

  6. 18 Advanced Alternative Search Engines of 2021 - RankRed
    • DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is the best alternative option available out there. The search engine doesn’t collect any of your personal information or store your history.
    • Ecosia. Ecosia donates 80% of its profit to plant trees and supports full financial transparency. As of October 2017, the website has reached a milestone of 15 million trees planted.
    • Launched in 1996, is a question answering-focused web search engine. Despite its age, Ask is still very active. They have coupled their search-system with a robust question and answer system with billions of online content.
    • WolframAlpha. WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine that answers factual questions from externally sourced curated data. It does not provide a list of webpages or documents that might contain the specific answer you are looking for.
  7. Making a Search Engine - CodeProject
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Using The Code
    • Points of Interest

    This project is still not complete. You must use it to crawl thousands of URLs because you may find that it crawls the same URL for the last 100 times. (This is because of some unidentified problem in conversion of relative to absolute URL.) Like most search engines, this one also has a crawler whose basic aim is to retrieve the source code of a given URL and then break the content into words with which we can create an array of tag words which will represent the content of the site. It is not a fool proof method, but can work for sites with lots of words in it, like a blog or article or a discussion forum, etc. For example:

    It all started when my friend showed me his search engine with 4 URLs in an XML file. It seemed like an auto complete rather than a search engine, but later that night it was 2:00 am, and I couldn't sleep at all because of that auto complete feature with which I was too impressed. I wanted my own... there was a thunder storm of ideas in my mind. After 3 sleepless nights, on the 3rdday at 6:00 a.m., I was ready with my search engine working with 100 URLs in database... that was the time when I finally slept comfortably and full of satisfaction. It took me 3 days because every day I started from the beginning because I was not satisfied with the performance of the crawler or there was some problem.

    I have basically divided every task into small parts so that the work could become easy. So you would find lots of classes in the project. Some important classes are given below: 1. Panda-> It retrieves the source code of a given URL using a get_sourcecode(url) from Module 'func' and then passes it to juicer(class) for extracting the useful information and after the work is completed, reports to the panda_manger (boss of all the pandas) and again assigns a new job to panda if any. 2. panda_manger-> It manages all the pandas and from this class we assign any web URL for crawling and it will automatically assign this work to any free panda and if no panda is free, then it creates a new panda and assigns the work to it. When a panda finishes, it works and reports back to panda_manger then panda_manger checks whether there is any URL left to be crawled, if any then it gives the command to crawl that URL to the panda. 3. juicer->This could be said to be the main class for the whole crawl...

    It was very annoying to get rid of the relative URL. I tried several ways of resolving it, but every one ends up with some bug. Then I got a magic class, named as URI which solved all my problems, but while writing this article I should crawl and show the result for CodeProject search, but then a problem hit my crawler after identifying that I have deleted my database of URL, otherwise I would have posted a screenshot of that. It was something like /search.aspx(some text)(same text repeated again)(and again, increasing with each crawl). It may be a problem with my code. I will try later to identify this problem and post the solution.

  8. Source Code Search Engine. Find any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code.

  9. Is searchenginestartup a legit company that I need

    Mar 31, 2020 · You do not need it and these companies that "index you into search engines" are a complex hoax, you are going to learn how to naturally get indexed into Google, Bing and Yahoo (which own 99% of the search market),

  10. 22 Alternative Search Engines To Use in 2021
    • Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. It’s easy to use and provides a more visual experience with beautiful daily background photos.
    • DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine for those who value their privacy and are put off by the thought of their every query being tracked and logged.
    • Yahoo! Yahoo has been around for even longer than Google, and while some see it as outdated, it’s still the third most popular search engine worldwide.
    • Ask. Once known as Ask Jeeves, the simple question-and-answer format of Ask allows for natural-language searches. This makes it very user-friendly, especially for those who are less familiar with search engines such as older computer users.
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