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    What is the healthiest Chinese food to order?

    What are the best Chinese dishes to order?

    How to say have a good meal in Chinese?

    Can you eat a healthy meal in a Chinese restaurant?

  2. Apr 08, 2019 · Now, that you’re in China you’ll have the opportunity to try them all. #1 – Kung Pao Chicken – 宫保鸡丁 #2 – Lamb Kebabs – 羊肉串儿 #3 – Chinese BBQ 烧烤 #4 – Chao Shan Beef Hot Pot – 潮汕牛肉火锅 #5 – Guo Bao Rou – 锅包肉 #6 – Pan Fried Pork Bun – 生煎包 #7 – Yak Meat – 牦牛肉 #8 – Chuanchuanxiang – 串串香 #9 – Rou Jia Mo – 肉夹馍 #10 – Fried Rice Cakes – 炒年糕

  3. May 05, 2022 · The very best: Veggie spring rolls are a hard item to beat Shutterstock Truly no meal is complete without veggie spring rolls — that's just a fact, we don't make up the rules. The flavorful dish is a perfect way to start off your Chinese food experience.

    • Peking Roasted Duck. Beijing Roasted Duck. Peking duck (北京烤鸭 Běijīng kǎoyā) is a famous dish from Beijing, enjoying world fame, and considered as one of China national dishes.
    • Kung Pao Chicken. Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁 gōngbào jīdīng) is a famous Sichuan-style specialty, popular with both Chinese and foreigners.
    • Sweet and Sour Pork. Sweet and sour pork (糖醋里脊 tángcù lǐjǐ) has a bright orange-red color, and a delicious sweet and sour taste. At the very beginning there was only sweet and sour pork, but to meet demands, there have been some developments on this dish.
    • Hot Pot. Hot pot, or hotpot (火锅 huǒguō), is one of the most popular dishes in China, especially in Sichuan Province or Chongqing. People cook in and eat from a simmering pot of soup stock (broth) on a gas/induction hob in the middle of the dining table with foodstuffs and condiments around the pot.
    • Beef and Broccoli is a Great Choice. This dish originated in China as “Gai Lan Chao Niu Rou”. Gai Lan is Chinese broccoli, but as it was historically difficult to find this variety in the US, our familiar variety of broccoli became a quick stand-in.
    • Mu Shu Lettuce Wraps are Fresh and Light. Mu Shu lettuce wraps are a crisp and refreshing take on traditional Chinese food, originating in northern China and brought to the US in the mid-1900s, where it has developed into the dish we know today.
    • Egg Foo Yung is Like an Omelet. Egg Foo Yung is another diet-friendly choice when eating Chinese food. This dish was likely developed in Shanghai in the mid-1800s, where similar recipes still exist today.
    • Moo Goo Gai Pan is a Simple Dish. This dish translates to “Mushroom Chicken Slices” and is a vegetable-heavy stir fry dish that is low in carbs and high in nutrients.
  4. Bao is kind of like a Chinese sandwich, and they are worth a try. Dou Sha Bao If we are going to recommend bao, then we have to talk specifically about dou sha bao, which is bao buns filled with red bean paste. Red bean paste is a common ingredient in Eastern Asia. A sweetened version is often used to make desserts, which is what dou sha bao is.

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