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    What is the best way to study medical terminology?

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  2. Learn Medical Terminology: This app is dedicated to understanding the language of medicine. It contains lists of prefixes, roots, and suffixes and is ideal for exam revision. The app also offers interactive medical terminology exercises and e-learning courses.

  3. Jan 2, 2023 · One: Organize the Medical Terms So You Can Use Medical Mnemonics Effectively. Many medical students try to memorize directly from textbooks or flash card decks that have been prepared for them. There are a few problems with this: You risk taking on too many terms at once. You easily lose different terms.

    • Use Visual Learning Techniques. You can better memorize medical terminologies by following some effective visual learning tips. For instance, you can associate a specific image with each term that will serve as a cue and will help you recall the term.
    • Use Flashcards. Yes, this old-fashioned learning strategy can help medical students to learn and memorize medical terminologies and important concepts. Since the human brain is wired to absorb information by visual cues, using flashcards to memorize the term can help train your brain for effective memorization.
    • Learn Greek and Latin Words. If you want to learn medical terminologies and perform better in your preclinical years, it is advised to learn Latin and Greek roots.
    • Use Your Phone to Learn Medical Terms. There is no need to carry a medical dictionary, flashcards, and medical books all the time to learn medical terms.
  4. Mar 31, 2016 · The best way to study is to find the best way for YOU, so make sure that you are blocking out distractions, taking breaks, and learning the way that you learn best! It’s all Greek to me! One of the things that can make studying medical terms far easier is learning some of the Greek and Latin roots in them.

  5. Jun 12, 2022 · Build Your Medical Vocabulary Brick by Brick. When it comes to medical terminology, think LEGO. A LEGO brick is just a LEGO brick, but when you snap these pieces of plastic together, you get something upscale. Similarly, word parts — like mini bricks — make up most medical terms.

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