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  1. Mercury in Our Waters: The 10,000-Year Legacy of California’s ...

    The contamination is a living legacy of the California Gold Rush, which tore through the Sierras in the 1850s and reshaped the history of California. Though the Gold Rush ended over a century ago, thousands of abandoned mine sites and mine sediments , which were never properly reclaimed, have continued to leech mercury into the environment and ...

  2. The Legacy of California’s Landmarks

    The Legacy of California’s Landmarks: A Report for the California Cultural and Historical Endowment 3 recognize historic sites, assessing the range of landmarks designated at the local level in California’s ten largest cities, and pointing to examples of recent efforts that have worked to recognize California’s diverse past. Chapter Three,

  3. Gold Fever Legacy - Oakland Museum of California

    Legacy. Gold is a gleaming symbol of California's bounty and wealth. It was the lure, the promise of California for hundreds of thousands of argonauts who overwhelmed California during the Gold Rush. Gold unleashed the forces that rocketed California to immense growth and development.

  4. 2020 Tax Planning: Consider Transfers of California Legacy ...

    Sep 03, 2020 · California currently provides two valuable exemptions from reassessment, which allow the continuation of this benefit after transfers of qualifying property interests between parents and children. First, a transfer of parent’s principal residence to a child is completely exempted from reassessment.

  5. Impact & Legacy - The California Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush of 1848 transformed California's landscape, population, and the entire course of its history. But, the event was not as simple as you might think. By examining different aspects of the time period, we can truly understand the nature and impact the Gold Rush had on California and the rest of America.

  6. Sep 23, 2020 · Dave Daley shares about the destruction the of the Bear Fire on his cattle range, cattle and family legacy. "I cry for the forest, the trees and streams, and the horrible deaths suffered by the wildlife and our cattle. The suffering was unimaginable."

  7. The toxic legacy of old oil wells: California’s multibillion ...

    Feb 06, 2020 · The toxic legacy of old oil wells: California’s multibillion-dollar problem. By Mark Olalde and Ryan Menezes. Co-published with the Center for Public Integrity. February 6, 2020.

  8. Sep 06, 1992 · Today, Dale Scales, 57, owns more than a piece of land. But his 1,800-acre farm is mostly for old times' sake. He leases it out. He makes his living trading in huge tracts of farmland for corporate investors, lives on the highest hill in Bakersfield, keeps a $45,000 custom car in the garage and golfs at the country club.

  9. 21.025 California (CA) 1960s Legacy License Plates ...

    Chapter 21 Special License Plates 21.025 California (CA) 1960s Legacy License Plates (CVC §5004.3) Legacy License Plates are available in sequential configurations of six characters and in personalized configurations of two to seven characters and may be issued to automobiles, commercial vehicles (excluding international registration plan [IRP]), motorcycles, trailer coach (CCH), and ...

  10. California Obituaries |

    Browse the most recent California obituaries and condolences. Celebrate and remember the lives we have lost in California.

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