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  1. An extreme case is the Vedic Sanskrit of the Rigveda: the earliest parts of this text may date to c. 1500 BC, while the oldest known manuscripts date to c. 1040 AD. Similarly the oldest Avestan texts, the Gathas, are believed to have been composed before 1000 BC, but the oldest Avestan manuscripts date from the 13th century AD.

  2. There are a number of masonic manuscripts that are important in the study of the emergence of Freemasonry.Most numerous are the Old Charges or Constitutions.These documents outlined a "history" of masonry, tracing its origins to a biblical or classical root, followed by the regulations of the organisation, and the responsibilities of its different grades.

  3. Art. 124. If the marriage is between a citizen of the Philippines and a foreigner, whether celebrated in the Philippines or abroad, the following rules shall prevail: (1) If the husband is a citizen of the Philippines while the wife is a foreigner, the provisions of this Code shall govern their relations;

  4. We, Filipinos, are notorious for it. We even developed a slang term for it: TNT, “tago nang tago,” referring to the act of constantly hiding from police or immigration authorities. In other words, you need to show that your life here in the Philippines is good and stable, and that you have no reason to overstay abroad.

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