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    As of October 2011, the structure is the 197th-tallest building in the world, the seventh-tallest building in Europe and the second-tallest building in the European Union. The second-tallest building in the city is the Messeturm, which rises 257 metres (843 ft) tall and has 55 floors. The 10 tallest buildings in Germany are located in Frankfurt.

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  2. List of tallest buildings in Germany - Wikipedia

    Out of a total of 18 skyscrapers in Germany, meaning buildings at least 150 metres (492 ft) tall, 17 are located in Frankfurt. High-rise buildings can also be found in Berlin , Cologne , Munich , Düsseldorf , Essen , Hamburg and Leipzig - but mostly in the outskirts.

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    Apr 25, 2017 · The Messeturm is an 843-foot skyscraper located in Frankfurt and was once the tallest building in Germany. The Messeturm is the second tallest building in Frankfurt and is comprised of 63 floors. While its name, Messe Turm means “Trade Fair Towers”, the building is entirely used for office purposes and has 0.6 million square feet of office ...

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    From 1984 until 1993, Frankfurt went through another building boom, during which time the city's second-tallest building, Messeturm, and the third-tallest building, Westendstraße 1, were completed. The city has now 12 buildings which rise at least 150 metres (490 ft) in height, more than any other city in Germany.

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  6. Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Germany » Passion by the Travel
    • Commerzbank Tower. Height: 850 ft (259 m) Floors: 56. Building Function: Office. Firm: Foster and Partners. Location: Frankfurt, Hesse. Construction Start: 1994.
    • MesseTurm. Height: 842 ft (256.5 m) Floors: 64. Building Function: Office. Firm: Murphy/Jahn Architects. Location: Frankfurt, Hesse. Construction Start: 1988. Completed: 1990.
    • Westendstraße 1. Height: 682 ft (208 m) Floors: 53. Building Function: Office. Firm: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Location: Frankfurt, Hesse. Construction Start: 1990.
    • Main Tower. Height: 656 ft (200 m) Floors: 55. Building Function: Office. Firm: Schweger Associated Architects. Location: Frankfurt, Hesse. Construction Start: 1996.
  7. Commerzbank Tower, the tallest building in Germany » Passion ...

    The tallest buildings in Germany are concentrated in the city of Frankfurt, Hesse, due to its economic profile as an international financial center. In this city we can find other high-rise skyscrapers such as the MesseTurm, Main Tower, Seat of the European Central Bank and of course the Commerzbank Tower.

  8. List of tallest buildings in Europe

    Standing 309.6 m high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom, the tallest building in the European Union, and the sixth-tallest building in Europe. Standing 462 m tall, the Lakhta Center is the tallest building in Russia, the tallest building in Europe, and the 16th-tallest building in the world. The supertall skyscraper Tower East (Vostok) is currently the second tallest ...

  9. 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in Frankfurt Worth Seeing Up Close

    Mar 25, 2018 · There is only one place in the world where half-timbered buildings seeped in old world charm are an eight-minute walk from Germany’s highest tower: Frankfurt. The architecture in Germany’s ...

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    The second-tallest building is the One Canada Square (236 meters) which was completed in 1991 and long occupied the top spot until 2012. The British capital is home to some futuristic building designs as depicted in the Gherkin building. This building rises to 180 meters high but represents an innovative style of construction.

  11. List of tallest church buildings - Wikipedia

    From the Middle Ages until the advent of the skyscraper, Christian church buildings were often the world's tallest buildings.From 1311, when the spire of Lincoln Cathedral surpassed the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza, until the Washington Monument was completed in 1884, a succession of church buildings held this title.