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      • What Makes It Bubblegum? The key feature of bubblegum pop is that it’s deliberately created and marketed for teenagers. It is contrived, and it has a specific musical formula. Rarely are “real bands” used, since session musicians recorded the music.,bands%E2%80%9D%20used%2C%20since%20session%20musicians%20recorded%20the%20music.
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  2. Bubblegum music - Wikipedia

    Bubblegum is a genre of pop music with an upbeat sound that is considered to be disposable, contrived, or marketed for children and adolescents. The term also refers to a pop subgenre, originating in the United States in the late 1960s, that evolved from garage rock, novelty songs, and the Brill Building sound, and which was also defined by its target demographic of preteens and young teenagers. The Archies' 1969 hit "Sugar, Sugar" was a representative example that led to cartoon rock, a short-l

  3. The Evolution of Bubblegum Pop - Enjoy Life Music

    What Makes It Bubblegum? The key feature of bubblegum pop is that it’s deliberately created and marketed for teenagers. It is contrived, and it has a specific musical formula. Rarely are “real bands” used, since session musicians recorded the music.

  4. Bubblegum Pop Music: Songs, Artists, and History

    Apr 03, 2019 · The sub-genre of pop music originally known as "bubblegum" pop music is one of the very few dominated by a specific production team: in this case, Super K Productions, the team of Jerry Kasenetz and Jeffrey Katz, who scored the majority of bubblegum's biggest hits in the late '60s.

  5. Science behind the Shape of Bubbles and Why they Pop ...

    Nov 26, 2019 · In dry air, the water evaporates quickly, meaning that the dry air will soak up the water inside the bubble and the skin will gradually grow thinner and thinner and eventually pop! There are other factors that can also cause a bubble to burst. Anything dry will pop it immediately! A blade of grass, our hands, pet fur… anything will do it.

  6. Bubble gum - Wikipedia

    Bubblegum Alley is a tourist attraction in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, known for its accumulation of used bubble gum on the walls of an alley. The Market Theater Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in used chewing gum located in an alleyway in Post Alley under Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle .

  7. The Top 10 Bubblegum Hits - CultureSonar
    • Sugar, Sugar. “Sugar, Sugar” was written by Andy Kim and Jeff Barry for The Archies, a “band” comprised of characters from the long-running comic book series, and featured on a Saturday morning animated show.
    • I Think I Love You. The Partridge Family was a band (fronted by David Cassidy and Shirley Jones) created for a TV series which was initially based on the real-life pop group The Cowsills.
    • Little Willy. While the Sweet later morphed into glam rock icons with songs like “Fox On The Run” they sure sounded pop-tastic on this earlier single, a guitar-drenched number written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who also provided hits for Suzi Quatro and Smokie.
    • Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) Tony Burrows, who sang lead on this irresistible tune by the non-existent Edison Lighthouse, also provided vocals for the faux pop groups White Plains, First Class, and The Brotherhood of Man, all of whom had hits during the 1970s.
    • “Shy Boy” by Secret. There’s a reason why “swing music” has its name—you can’t listen to it without wanting to bounce. This song is a fusion of K-pop with swing dance, producing one of the catchiest songs I’ve been privileged to hear.
    • “Darling” by Girl’s Day. Another song inspired by a past era, “Darling” fuses K-pop with a shuffle rhythm and results in a sound that’s as bubbly as the girl group who sings it.
    • “Kung Dari Sha Bah Rah” by Live High. Don’t ask me what “kung dari sha bah rah” means, because I haven’t a clue. I’m almost certain that it’s gibberish.
    • “Marshmallow” by IU. Here we have the love song of a lovestruck teen girl. That’s par for the course, if not for the catchy beat and unique chorus of “marshmallow, marshmallow” that’s sure to get stuck in your ears.
  8. How to Blow a Bubble with Bubblegum: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

    Sep 23, 2020 · Some gums are also stickier, making them harder to remove from your face when they pop. Usually, if you chew these gums a little longer before blowing a bubble, they won't be quite as sticky. Gums with less sugar often have a stronger gum base for making bubbles.

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  9. Top 11 Bubblegum Pop Songs - Rock Cellar Magazine
    • “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies. Producer Don Kirshner hoped to parlay his success with the Monkees with a cartoon group, the Archies. Ron Dante told Pop Entertainment how he landed the gig as the Archies’ lead singer.
    • “Tracy” by the Cuff Links. “Tracy” was a No. 9 hit in 1969 for the Cuff Links, a studio band built around Ron Dante’s vocals. Dante was also the voice of “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies.
    • “Beach Baby” by the First Class. Tony Burrows was asked by John Carter, his former bandmate in the group Ivy League, to sing lead on a song he’d written with his wife, Jill Shakespeare.
    • “Yummy Yummy Yummy” by the Ohio Express. The Ohio Express was another of the Super K bands produced by the Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz team, made up of a confusing mix of band members and studio musicians.
  10. Gum - American Chemical Society

    Gum base gives gum that bounce-back texture that makes it fun to chew. Each company keeps their special recipe for gum base a secret, but there is something we can tell you... All gum bases are made of three kinds of ingredients which give gum its special properties ...

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