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  1. Self/less movie review & film summary (2015) | Roger Ebert › reviews › selfless-2015

    Jul 10, 2015 · Movies like “ Face/Off ” are enjoyably ridiculous in large part due to the fact that Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and John Woo KNEW they were ridiculous, laughing and winking at the audience throughout. “Self/less” is played on a straight line, never nearly as much fun as it could or should have been.

  2. Self/less 2015, directed by Tarsem Singh | Film review › movies › self

    This frustrating bit of pulp is a waste of a clever idea. ... Self/less. Film ... But his snarky and suddenly compassionate version of the character doesn’t make him feel like a man reborn so ...

    • Tarsem Singh
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  4. No matter why he is so big or not, he gives a decent performance of himself and it is a fun enough movie with a few twists thrown in. Review by MadAlakzam ★★½ Ein weiteres Mehr-So-Geht-So-Exemplar eines Science-Fiction-Thrillers mit interessanter Idee und mittelmäßiger Umsetzung.

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    • Tarsem Singh
  5. 12 Movies Like Inception That Will Melt Your Mind › movies-like-inception-christopher

    Jun 19, 2021 · Self/less delivers the quick-moving plot and all the action ... it is a Nolan movie, so Michael Cain’s presence should really be of no surprise. ... The Most Frustrating Thing Is How Incomplete ...

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  7. Best 7 Movies To Hate-Watch - odysseyonline › best-7-movies-to-hate-watch

    Oct 08, 2020 · The movie is ridiculous not just because of it's premise, but because of the effort it makes to paint Sierra in a sympathetic light when she is, in reality, a terrible person. She catfishes a guy, kisses him without consent, pretends to be deaf, betrays her only two friends, and then convinces herself the reason people don't like her is because she's "ugly".


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  9. Sacrificing Doesn’t Make You the Better Partner | by Fleurine ... › the-ascent › sacrificing-doesnt-make

    Jul 15, 2020 · It sounds so selfless, like a positive trait, to give up things for the person you love. ... I make it clear that we can watch a movie, I’d love to, but then we’re starting it by eight o ...

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    Because you hate a movie being copied from Hollywood, which probably you have already seen(and loved it), therefore you compare the action, direction, sets, drama, suspense from its Hollywood counterpart and get disappointed in the Bollywood, and ...

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