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    The largest cities on the Main are Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main and Würzburg. [citation needed] It is the longest river lying entirely in Germany (if the Weser-Werra are considered separate).

    • 895 metres (at Weissmainquelle)
    • Upper Franconia
    • 524.9 km (326.2 mi)
    • Germany
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    Frankfurt am Main, city, Hessen Land (state), western Germany. The city lies along the Main River about 19 miles (30 km) upstream from its confluence with the Rhine River at Mainz. Pop. (2011) city, 667,925; (2000 est.) urban agglom., 3,681,000.

  3. River Main (Frankfurt) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You ...

    Frankfurt is a very walkable city. One such beautiful walk is by the River Main. You could also take a cruise. But the Riverside promenade and the extended promenade with the huge trees lining it on both side and the crunch of the beautiful crispy leaves beneath your feet takes the walk to another level.

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  4. Frankfurt am Main | The German Way & More

    The city’s full name, Frankfurt am Main (“Frankfurt on the Main”), distinguishes it from the other, smaller Frankfurt on the Oder river (Frankfurt an der Oder) on the Polish border. Frankfurt am Main has about 753,000 residents (2018), but the greater Rhein-Main metro region is home to over five million people.

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  6. What river flows through Frankfurt Germany? - Answers

    The well known city of Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany, is on the Main (and is often referred to as Frankfurt am Main). There is also a smaller Frankfurt, about 45 miles east of Berlin ...

  7. Frankfurt am Main | History, Population, Points of Interest ...

    Frankfurt am Main, city in western Germany that lies along the Main River about 19 miles upstream from its confluence with the Rhine River at Mainz. There is evidence of Celtic and Germanic settlements in the city dating from the 1st century BCE, as well as Roman remains from the 1st and 2nd centuries CE.

  8. A Few Hours in Frankfurt - River Cruises

    Technically known as Frankfurt am Main, the city of Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany, and home to more than 650,000 residents. Situated along the beautiful Main (pronounced mine ) River, Frankfurt is an ideal embarkation and disembarkation port for river cruises, thanks to its modern amenities and sprawling International airport.

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    Frankfurt (officially: Frankfurt am Main (German: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔam ˈmaɪn] ; Hessian: Frangford am Maa, lit. "Frank ford on the Main")) is a metropolis and the largest city of the German state of Hesse. Its 763,380 inhabitants as of December 31, 2019 make it the fifth-largest city in Germany.

  10. Map of Frankfurt Germany (Frankfurt am Main)

    The city of Frankfurt am Main is located on the Main River in the western region of Germany. The Main River converges with the Rhine River at Mainz.

  11. Can you get on the Rhine River from Frankfurt? - Rick Steves ...

    The Rhine river does not run through Frankfurt, that is the Main River. There are day cruises from Frankfurt on the Main to the Rhine but I think they do boat one way and bus one way as that is a long trip on the two rivers.