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      • The 1960s saw a real flowering of popular music styles. Unlike the 1950s, in which the birth of rock and roll dominated the decade, jazz, pop, and folk music all gathered devoted listeners in the 1960s. Rock and roll continued to grow as a musical form, with a clear split between "hard," rebellious rock and lighter, "soft" rock—which sounded a lot like pop music.
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  2. Sep 13, 2021 · Roy Orbison had plenty of 60s hits to choose from, including “Oh, Pretty Woman” But we opted for “Crying,” which begins with a seminal line, familiar to those even who have never heard the song: “I...

  3. The 1960s saw a real flowering of popular music styles. Unlike the 1950s, in which the birth of rock and roll dominated the decade, jazz, pop, and folk music all gathered devoted listeners in the 1960s.

  4. The protest songs and psychedelia of the 1960s were the soundtracks to a sexual revolution and anti-war marches. Blowing In The Wind (Live On TV, March 1963) Watch on Bob Dylan also produced something quite revolutionary within the music world. His second album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963), put Dylan on the map as a major artist.

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    Who were the most popular musical artists in the 1960s? 1. Elvis Presley 2. Brenda Lee 3. Chubby Checker 4. Ray Charles 5. Lawrence Welk 6. The Four Seasons 7. Stevie Wonder 8. The Beatles 9. The Beach Boys 10. Dean Martin 11. The Supremes 12. Bobby Vinton 13. The Temptations 14. The Rolling Stones 15. The Dave Clark 5 16. Simon & Garfunkel 17. The...

    Barbara Streisand exploded into popularity, dramatically singing herself to the top of the charts. Andy Williams, a preexisting favorite, made a few new albums that ranked quite high on the charts. “Pop gospel” enjoyed very brief popularity in cafes and on albums, but after a few months, the religious music was gone from nightclubs. Jazz received a...

    The music scene had never been so dominated by a single group as it was in 1964. The year is now and forever known as the “Year of the Beatles.” A group of four young mop-tops from Liverpool, England, made teenage girls scream and faint across the globe. Wherever they went, police were under pressure to keep the thronging thousands away from the Be...

    The Beach Boys, an American group, helped popularize the “surfing sound,” selling albums all over the United States with the help of “Help Me, Rhonda.” The Supremes, of Detroit, Michigan, enjoyed their fair share of sales, with the hit song “Stop! In the Name of Love.” Sonny and Cher were adored by teenagers across the country, winning their hearts...

    Though the Beatles maintained their popularity in the United States with Rubber Soul, pop music leaned toward more homegrown talent. The Monkees, from California, were one of the most popular of these groups, along with Gary Lewis and the Playboys, and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Though many popular rock groups got louder, a majority turned down t...

    Aretha Franklin came back strong, singing loud and proud in her hit songs “Respect” and “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You.” Other similar artists making similar breakthroughs included Dionne Warwick, the Four Tops, and the Supremes. Lulu, a 19-year-old English girl, was a smash hit in the movie “To Sir, With Love”, singing the title song. Oth...

    In 1968, music was influenced by the what was going on in the outside world, with many artists sharing their political, religious and societal views. Nancy Wilson (“Black Is Beautiful”), Country Joe and the Fish (“The Harlem Song”), Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and even the Beatles (“Revolution”) joined in. Tiny Tim added his eccentric personality to th...

    Though festivals in general were popular throughout the year, they were all dwarfed by the immensity of the famous Woodstock music festival. The crowd was so massive that a majority of the fans couldn’t even hear the music. In a similar performance, Bob Dylan drew 200,000 to the Isle of Wight for a two-day festival. With the disappearance of many g...

    The 1960s were probably the best decade of all time for recorded music. When you look at the list of songs released during this time period, it’s a very easy argument to make. The Beatles obviously dominated the charts, but there were dozens of other musical acts that carved their own initials into the annals of immortality. The Rolling Stones, The...

    • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (1967) “If you ever need a helping hand, I’ll be there on the double just as fast as I can.”
    • Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969) “Some folks are born silver spoon in hand, Lord, don’t they help themselves!” Why it’s the 2nd Top song of the 60s.
    • House of the Rising Sun – The Animals (1964) “My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans. My father was a gamblin’ man, down in New Orleans.”
    • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (1967) “Standing in the sunlight laughing, hiding ‘hind a rainbow’s wall, slipping and sliding all along the waterfall with you.”
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