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  2. Oi! - Wikipedia!

    First-generation Oi! bands such as Sham 69 and Cock Sparrer were around for years before the word Oi! was used retroactively to describe their style of music. In 1980, writing in Sounds magazine, rock journalist Garry Bushell labelled the movement Oi! , taking the name from the garbled " Oi !"

  3. Oi! - Music

    Why: The Business wasn’t the first Oi! band, but by the time the group released its debut album, 1983’s Suburban Rebels, it had come to embody everything that made Oi! great.

    • Jason Heller
  4. List of Oi! bands - Wikipedia!_bands

    This is a list of notable punk rock bands who have been referred to or have had their music described as Oi!.Some of the bands are more definitely Oi! bands but close familiarity with the music can be required to perceive the differences, but they are significant.

  5. Skinhead bands - Oi! bands - list of best skinhead bands

    In the late 1970s, after the first wave of punk rock, many skinheads embraced Oi!, a working class punk subgenre. Cockney Rejects was the most popular band of the time among the skinheads. In the 1980s American Oi! began, with bands such as The Press, Iron Cross, U.S. Chaos.

  6. Oi! the Boat Records - Bands

    Victory delivers straight up American Oi! like a steel toe to the face. Victory’s hard edged sound is fueled by lyrics based on the experiences of afghan war veteran and front man Dan and the bands struggles with being working class in a crumbling economy.

  7. The Original cut of "Oi! The Video pt.1" - Classic interviews with all the main players in the scene!Go here:

    • 59 min
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    • Punk Lives Live
  8. Retaliator | Discography | Discogs

    Oi! Punk band from East Anglia, UK. Retaliator are a 4 piece skinhead/oi! band from the Norfolk area of England. They first formed in 1996 during the euro football championship,and recorded their first demo that August.The band played a few gigs before getting a support slot with Braindance and The Exploited in Norwich,and from then onwards they started to build up some sort of reputation with ...

  9. Roman skingirl: an interview with Lorena Plescia of Fun ...

    Mar 31, 2020 · All under the common label ‘100celle City Rockers’, which also gave its name to a piece by Klaxon [a punk/Oi band formed in Rome in the early 80s]. In 1982 you lived in London for three months, where left-wing skinheads had split from National Front supporting skins by then. What was the situation in Italy?

  10. Malice in Sunderland: Trev HAGL on North East Oi! – Creases ...

    Apr 08, 2017 · So when Skullhead first started out, were they part of the normal punk and Oi scene playing to mixed crowds, or were they a separate thing with their own scene from the outset? In London, the nazi scene started with Skrewdriver, which would have been about 1981, though by about 1983-1984 it had caught on up here too.

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