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    The Four were released on 19 October 1989, after having their convictions quashed. Paul Hill had also been convicted of the murder of a British soldier, Brian Shaw, based on his confession while in the custody of Surrey Police.

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    Oct 16, 2020 · The Guildford Four, convicted of the 1975 IRA bombings of public houses in Guildford and Woolwich, England, are cleared of all charges after nearly 15 years in prison. On October 5, 1974, an IRA...

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  4. The Guildford Four - as they were dubbed - were jailed for life in 1975 for bombing pubs in Guildford. The attacks left five people dead and over 100 injured. Paul Hill and Patrick Armstrong were also wrongfully sentenced for a bomb attack in Woolwich that killed two people. They each served 15 years in prison.

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    Oct 19, 2020 · On October 19, 1989, The Guilford Four were released from prison after 15 years in prison having been wrongly convicted of the bombing of a London pub which killed five people.

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    Oct 19, 2020 · On this day in 1989, the Guildford Four were released after wrongly spending 15 years in prison ON THIS day in 1989, four people were freed from prison after 15 years, cleared of a crime they did not commit.

    • Rachael O'connor
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    The Guildford Four were released in October 1989 after the Avon and Somerset police had discovered evidence which showed that, as the Lord Chief Justice was to state at the hearing of the appeal when the convictions were quashed, ‘the police must have lied’. That evidence was never shown to the Guildford Four.

  8. Oct 04, 2014 · In October 1989, the Guildford Four were released from jail. Their convictions for blowing up two pubs in the Surrey town during an IRA bombing campaign had been quashed.

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  9. Thirteen facts about Paul Hill and the Guildford Four | The ... › news › 13-facts-guildford-four-85672
    • Paul Hill – the first man arrested for the bombing. Advertisement. Paul Hill was arrested November 29, 1974 his friend Gerry Conlon (pictured above) was arrested November 30 and their old Belfast school mate Paddy Armstrong and his English girlfriend Carole Richardson were arrested on December 3.
    • The trial's judge handed Hill a life sentence. At their trial, Paul Hill was given what was, at the time, the longest sentence ever handed down by an English court; life with no chance of parole until great age or infirmity.
    • An active IRA unit confessed to the bombings. In January 1977, an active IRA service unit, nicknamed the Balcombe Street gang, issued a statement in court confessing they carried out the Guildford and Woolwich bombings and that the Four were completely innocent.
    • Hill was moved from prison to prison. Paul Hill was ‘ghosted’ more than 50 times during his 15 years in prison. ‘ Ghosted’ is when a prisoner is moved without warning to another prison, usually in the middle of the night.
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