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    Miss Bud, Edwin Drood's fiancée, has also caught the eye of the high-spirited and hot-tempered Neville Landless. Landless and Edwin Drood take an instant dislike to each other. Later Drood disappears under mysterious circumstances. The story is set in Cloisterham, a lightly disguised Rochester.

    • Charles Dickens, Fildes, Luke, Sir
    • Serialized and book form 1870
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    It begins as John Jasper is leaving a place in London where opium (a powerful drug) is taken by lots of people. Jasper leads a choir (group of singers) in a large church in Cloisterham. The next day Jasper is visited by his nephew Edwin Drood. Edwin tells Jasper he is worried about getting married to a girl called Rosa Bud.

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    Though the name of the novel is inspired by the character of Edwin Drood but the story actually revolves around Edwin’s uncle Mr. John Jasper who falls in love with his pupil who is also Edwin’s fiancé. Rosa Bud; Edwin’s fiancé also catches the attention of Neville Landless who comes with his twin sister Helena from Ceylon.

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    The story is a murder mystery in which Edwin Drood is supposedly murdered and suspicion is cast on his uncle. Dickens left exactly half of the monthly installments unfinished when, after a day of working on the completion of chapter 22, he suffered a stroke on June 8, 1870 and died the next day.

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    This hilarious musical whodunit was a smash hit on Broadway where it received rave reviews. Loosely based on Charles Dickens' famous unfinished novel, it takes audience participation to new heights by letting them directly effect the play's outcome by voting for whomever they think murdered the unfortunate young Edwin Drood. Presented as a 'first night performance by The Music Hall Royale', a troupe of decidedly hammy Victorian actors, this affectionate recreation of a bygone theatrical age is certain to prove an enormous hit with everyone. The witty and tuneful score contains such numbers as "There You Are", "Moonfall", Perfect Strangers" and "Off To The Races"

    Act I

    At London's Music Hall Royale, preparations are underway for the premiere performance of the resident troupe's version of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." Members of the troupe (who venture out into the seats) explain to audience members the historical details of Dickens's untimely demise, as well as the role the audience will play in determining the outcome of the mystery. From various locations in the theatre, the cast members perform the opening number. The Chairman, a kind of Master of Cerem...

    Act II

    Six months later, Edwin Drood is still missing and Princess Puffer and a stranger, Dick Datchery, arrive to investigate the mystery of Edwin's disappearance. At this moment, the Chairman returns with Deputy and Durdles to remind the audience to pay attention to the clues. While looking for Jasper, Puffer meets Rosa Budd and, joined by the rest of the cast, tells her not to give up her ambitions. Abruptly, all stops: this is as far as Dickens got before he died. It is now time for the audience...

    Citizens of Cloisterham: Karen Giombetti, Charles Goff, Susan Goodman, Nicholas Gunn, Judy Kuhn, Herndon Lackey, Francine Landes, Rob Marshall, Peter McRobbie, Brad Miskell, Donna Murphy, Joe Pichette.

    ACT 1 1. "There You Are" - Chairman, Company 2. "A Man Could Go Quite Mad" - Jasper/Paget 3. "Two Kinsmen" - B. Buckley, Jasper/Paget 4. "Moonfall" - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine 5. "Moonfall" (reprise) - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/Janet Conover, Alice/Isabel, Beatrice/Florence 6. "The Wages of Sin" - C. Lame 7. "Jasper's Vision" - N. Gunn, B. Miskell, Succubae, S. Glavin 8. "Ceylon" - B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/Janet Conover, J. Herrera, Ensemble 9. "Both Sides of the Coin" - Jasper/Paget, Chairman, Ensemble 10. "Perfect Strangers" - B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine 11. "No Good Can Come from Bad" - J. Herrera, B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/Janet Conover, G. N. Martin, Jasper/Paget, J. Grifasi 12. "The Name of Love"/"Moonfall" (reprise) - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Jasper/Paget, Ensemble ACT 2 1. "Settling Up the Score" - Dick Datchery, C. Laine, Ensemble 2. "Off to the Races" - Chairman, J. Dempsey, S. Gl...

    John Jasper - Jasper was madly in love with Rosa Bud, and his violent split personality gladly killed Drood.
    Rosa Bud- Meant to kill Jasper in revenge for his lustful advances, but killed Drood by accident as Drood was wearing Jasper's coat.
    Neville Landless - Humiliated by Drood, Neville murdered him in order to regain his pride and also to have a chance with Rosa Bud.
    Helena Landless- Knowing her brother's hot temper, Helena murdered Drood so Neville would not be tempted to seek revenge.

    The action takes place at the Music Hall Royale this evening. Opening comments by Your Chairman, Mr. William Cartwright, immediately followed by the Music Hall Royale's presentation of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood."

  7. The Mystery of Edwin Drood ★★★★☆ – Bookstooge's Reviews on ... › 2021/03/19 › the-mystery-of-edwin

    Mar 19, 2021 · The reconciliation dinner is successful and at midnight, Drood and Neville Landless leave together to go down to the river and look at a wind storm that rages that night. The next morning Edwin is missing and Jasper spreads suspicion that Neville has killed him.

  8. The Mystery of Edwin Drood (musical) - Wikipedia › wiki › Drood

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood (or simply Drood) is a musical based on the unfinished Charles Dickens novel. Written by Rupert Holmes, the show was the first Broadway musical with multiple endings (determined by audience vote). The musical won five Tony Awards out of eleven nominations, including Best Musical.

  9. PLAYBILL BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Jessie Mueller Explains the ... › article › playbill-brief

    Dec 22, 2012 · In The Mystery of Edwin Drood, a whodunit tale that is solved by audience vote, Landless can be cast as the story's detective, killer or love interest, leaving Mueller with multiple tracks to ...

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    This idea was mapped out again in Edwin Harris’s 1932 solution, with the added complication that the Princess Puffer was the mother of Datchery and his unfortunate sister. Edwin Drood. Obviously dependant on Edwin being alive, those who do think he has survived suggest he is hiding in plain sight as the old buffer living in Mrs Tope’s lodgings.

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