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      • Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea is a postcolonial novel set in Jamaica following the Emancipation Act of 1838, when slavery was outlawed in the British Empire. The story follows the life of an ex-slaveholder’s daughter, Antoinette. Many important themes are brought up in Wide Sargasso Sea.
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  2. Wide Sargasso Sea, a work in which the West Indies of the 1840s impinges upon and elucidates the England and West Indies of the 1950s and 1960s, seems to be underwritten by the Creole's desire to reclaim hegemony over the literary representation of the West Indies and "black people." The racialist usurpation of the voices, acts, and identities of "black people," so central to Rhyss writing as a whole, is the psychological cement in the architecture of this novel.

  3. setting (place) Jamaica; the Windward Islands; England. protagonists Antoinette; Rochester. antagonists Antoinette; Rochester (depending on whose story we are being told) climax Identifying the climax in of the novel depends largely on how we read it in relation to Jane Eyre.

  4. Wide Sargasso Sea starts in Jamaica shortly after the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. The book ends at the fire of Thornfield Hall, where Antoinette...

  5. Wide Sargasso Sea First edition cover AuthorJean Rhys Cover artistEric Thomas LanguageEnglish GenrePostmodern novel Set inJamaica, Dominica and Thornfield Hall, 1830s–40s PublisherAndré Deutsch & W. W. Norton Publication date October 1966 ISBN0-233-95866-5 OCLC4248898 Dewey Decimal 823.912 LC ClassPR6035.H96 Preceded byJane Eyre Wide Sargasso Sea is a 1966 novel by Dominican-British author Jean Rhys. The novel serves as a postcolonial and feminist prequel to Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane ...

  6. The first part of Wide Sargasso Sea is narrated by the female protagonist, Antoinette. She explains that she lives in isolation from the rest of the population of the small Caribbean island on which her family's plantation exists. The story opens in 1839 after the recent emancipation of slaves in the British Empire.

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