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  1. Better Place (company) - Wikipedia › wiki › Better_Place_(company)

    The Better Place electric car charging infrastructure network was based on a smart grid software platform using Intel Atom processors and.NET Framework, or comparable vendors.

  2. The best (and worst) US states for EV charging - Electrek › 2021/04/06 › the-best-and-worst-us

    Apr 06, 2021 · California has over 250x more registered vehicles and over 40x more charging outlets than Vermont. But Vermont’s ratio is still better per 100k vehicles. Nonetheless, California remains years ahead...

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Electric Car Charging Networks ... › ultimate-guide-electric-car
    • Cost Considerations
    • High-Level Recommendations
    • List of Top Ev Charging Networks

    The three primary approaches are: (1) pay-as-you-go, (2) monthly subscriptions, and (3) free. If given the opportunity, it makes sense to grab a free charge, even for a relatively short period of time. But the pay models, depending on the cost for a charge, need to be studied to determine which network makes the most sense for you—if it’s best to collect a wallet-full of membership cards or if proper planning will allow you to avoid public charging unless you’re running very low on charge. There are a few gotchas. Keep in mind that the amount of range you add per hour depends on the power capabilities of your car’s onboard charger. As Marc Geller, a director at Plug In America, an EV advocacy organization, told us: “If the car comes with a smaller charger, the cost is relatively higher than if you have a faster charger. It’s a weird fact.” Other oddities include credit card transactions and costs associated with leaving a car plugged in even if the battery is fully charged and the e...

    First, think about your regular routes and favorite destinations. Then use PlugShareor another station-finding tool to see which charging networks are along the way. Be prepared to use any of them.
    ChargePoint is the biggest charging network, so it’s a must for nearly all EV drivers.
    If you live in Pacific Northwest, get a key fob from Webasto (formerly Aerovironment) for its network.
    Sun Country, a smaller player, primarily serves Canada.


    Background: The assets of Blink Network were purchased by CarCharging Group in October 2013. Ecotality had received a $114.8 million federal stimulus grant to oversee The EV Project. The goal of The EV Project is to deploy 8,300 private and public chargers. There have been several reported problems associated with Blink chargers, and the Blink Network, such as insufficient customer support, and incompatibility of the equipment with certain vehicles. The name of the company managing the Blink...


    Background: ChargePoint, previously Coulomb Technologies, describes itself as the largest online network of independently owned EV charging stations operating in 14 countries. The company provides a turnkey EV charging solutions for property owners—who can determine the terms for offering charging to EV drivers. (GE WattStation locations are now managed by ChargePoint, which acquired the network in June 2017.) Approximate Number of Sites: 6,083 Coverage: While one-quarter of ChargePoint stati...


    Background:The Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network in Québec. It is a major initiative providing the charging infrastructure required to support the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in Québec. Approximate Number of Sites:More than 1,300 stations at an unspecified number of sites. Coverage:Charging stations are located in near 90 municipalities throughout 15 regions of Québec's province. Access:There is no cost to sign up and receive an Electric Circuit card. When you...

  5. GE teams with Better Place on charging network | Reuters › article › us-ge-electriccar

    Sep 23, 2010 · General Electric is partnering with Silicon Valley electric car infrastructure company Better Place on technology development and financing of car batteries, the U.S. conglomerate said on Wednesday.

  6. Better Place Enters Electric Car Network Partnership with ... › 2009 › 01

    Jan 15, 2009 · Much like the mobile phone model, Better Place installs and operates the network of charging infrastructure, while leading auto manufacturers produce electric cars for the Better Place network. Better Place sources renewable energy to power the network, creating a zero emission solution from generation to grid to transportation.

  7. Winning the Battle in the EV Charging Ecosystem | BCG › publications › 2021

    Apr 21, 2021 · Winning the Battle in the EV Charging Ecosystem. April 21, 2021 By Markus Hagenmaier , Christian Wagener , Julien Bert, and Marcel Ohngemach. As electric vehicle sales take off, demand for public charging will explode. Providers can pursue seven strategic plays in this nascent but fast-moving market. It may not have the same allure as bringing ...

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