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  2. Aug 28, 2012 · The Superligaen, despite not having the sort of profile that even Ligue 1 enjoys, is still one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. Since its creation in 1991, seven teams have claimed the title, which may not sound like a lot over a 21 year period.

    • Key Findings
    • title-deciding Round
    • Competition at The Top End
    • No. of Different Champions in The Top Five Leagues
    • No. of Different Sides to Finish in The top-four
    • Defending Champions vs Promoted Sides
    • Top Three vs Bottom Five
    La Liga and Premier League have been responsible for producing the most exciting title races in the last decade. 4 of the last 10 title races in both leagues have been decided on the final match-day.
    The average gap between the champions and the runners-up has been the lowest in La Liga at 6.5 points during the past decade.
    However, the Spanish league is also responsible for the biggest gap between the top and the bottom. On average, the bottom-five sides in La Liga manage to pick up only 7.4 points against the top-th...
    It is most difficult for teams to break into the top-4 in the Premier League. Only 7 different sides have managed to do so in the last ten years. At least 9 sides have managed to achieve the same f...

    Every soccer fan loves a title race that goes on till the last very last game of the season. One important aspect of a competitive league is a title race which is undecided until the very last. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, such seasons leave an imprint on the fans for decades. And for this reason, Manchester City’s last minute title-triumph in 2011-12 is still regarded as one of the best season finales in recent history. Similarly, Arsenal fans still fondly remember their title-winning side from 1989. Hence, as one of our criteria, we decided to compare the precise game-weeks during which the title race was decided in all five leagues during the past ten seasons. 1. La Liga might have a reputation of being too predictable or lopsided, but when it comes to title races, the league has produced some nail-biting finishes during the past 10 seasons. 2. For both the Premier League and La Liga, four out of the last ten title races have been decided on the final matchday. 3....

    To further analyze how difficult it is for clubs to win the various leagues and how crowded it is at the top of various leagues, we compared the end-of-season points tally of sides finishing in the 1st, 2nd and the 5th position in each league during the past decade. 1. Like our first analysis, La Liga and Premier League lead the way when we look at the level of competition between the eventual winner and the main challenger. 2. However, La Liga slips down to the last spot when the average difference between the first and fifth are compared. This confirms the popular notion that the drop in quality in La Liga is huge when you move past the top two-three teams. 3. Premier League maintains its position as the most competitive league in this comparison too. 4. The difference between the top-two in Ligue 1 and Bundesliga is quite high. This is down to the fact that PSG and Bayern Munich have enjoyed rather comfortable multiple title triumphs in recent seasons. 5. The 2011-12 Premier Leag...

    Our next criteria is to check the variety among winners and the teams finishing in European places in various leagues. This tells us about how many different sides have been able to challenge for the top places in various leagues. Thus, in this section, we compare the number of teams that have won the different leagues and the number of teams that have finished in the top-four during the five-year and ten-year periods. 1. In the last five years, three different sides have won Premier League and it performs well even in the ten-year comparison with four different winners. 2. The likes of Serie A and Bundesliga have seen only one winner each in the last five years - Juventus and Bayern Munich respectively. 3. Ligue 1 has seen five different winners in the last ten years, but only two in the last five. This suggests that the French League was really competitive just before the emergence of PSG.

    After comparing the variety among title winners, we shift our focus on the competition for the top-four places in different leagues. 1. There is hardly any difference between different leagues when you look at the data for the last five years. 2. However, when you look at the ten-year comparison, the number of Premier League sides has stayed intact at seven, but the same figure has increased for all the remaining leagues. 3. This points to the presence of the famous big-six in the Premier League during the past decade. Only Leicester City, in 2014-15, have managed to break this dominance. 4. Hence, the Premier League might have been the most unpredictable league when it comes to title races during the last decade. But, it is most difficult for the non-favorites to break into the top-four in the top tier of English football. 5. Serie A and the Bundesliga lead the way with ten different sides managing to finish in the top-four since 2009.

    One can argue that ahead of a new season, the defending champions are the strongest side in the league and the recently promoted sides are weakest ones. Hence, to analyze the gap between the strongest and weakest sides in these leagues, we decided to look at the betting odds of all home games played by defending champions against the promoted sides. We found out the average of odds associated with an away win in all these games to determine and compare how difficult it has been for the promoted sides to defeat the defending champions at their respective homes during the past decade. NOTE: In this article, we have used the European version of betting odds. For those who are not familiar with odds, or the European odds, keep in mind that Probability = 1/Odds. Hence, the greater the odds are, the less likely is the outcome. 1. We see a stark contrast between the odds of La Liga and the other leagues. It’s clear from this data that it’s almost impossible for weaker La Liga sides to beat...

    In this section, we further dissect the gap between the sides at both ends of various leagues. In order to do so, we looked at all the games played between the top-three and the bottom-five sides from the last ten seasons in all five leagues. The following graph shows points picked up by the bottom five sides against the eventual champions and the top-three sides every season. 1. Surprisingly, Juventus have a habit of dropping points against the lower sides in Serie A. Bottom five sides have picked up 6,7,3,2,4 points respectively in the last five seasons against the Italian giants. 2. The average of points dropped by the champions in Bundesliga has shot up particularly because of Dortmund’s performances against the bottom-five during their title triumphs in 2010-11 and 2011-12. 3. Bayern Munich have lost only once against the bottom-five in their eight Bundesliga title triumphs during the last decade. 4. PSG have been quite efficient against the bottom five sides too as they have l...

  3. Sep 20, 2017 · Continue reading to find out which is the most competitive soccer league in Europe. Although Liverpool (1970’s and 80’s) and Manchester United (1990’s and 00’s) have enjoyed dominant reigns in the top flight of English soccer, it is still widely regarded as the most competitive league in the world. However, there is rarely any evidence given to prove that this is actually the case.

  4. Nov 14, 2019 · Among the top 5 major leagues of Europe, French Ligue 1 appears to be the most competitive which also surprised me because everybody knows about the PSG dominance in there.

  5. Jan 16, 2021 · The Sweden league has the lowest average winning margin and is therefore tthe most competitive, while the Scottish league has the highest winning margin. When looking at the number of different...

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