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    Vanilla Sky is a 2001 American science fiction psychological thriller film directed, written, and co-produced by Cameron Crowe.It is an English-language adaptation of Alejandro Amenábar's 1997 Spanish film Open Your Eyes, which was written by Amenábar and Mateo Gil, with Penélope Cruz reprising her role from the original film.

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    David Aames, the owner of a large publishing company he inherited from his father, is in prison. Wearing a prosthetic mask, David tells his life story to court psychologist Dr. Curtis McCabe. In flashbacks, David leaves the duties of the publisher to his father's trusted associates while living as a playboyin Manhattan. He is introduced to Sofia Serrano by his best friend, Brian Shelby, during a party. David and Sofia spend the night together at Sofia's apartment and fall in love, unaware that David's current lover, Julie Gianni, has followed them there. As David leaves, Julie offers him a ride, and soon reveals her jealousy of Sofia. She purposely crashes the car, killing herself and drastically disfiguring David. Doctors cannot completely repair David's face using plastic surgery, leaving it scarred and misshapen. Aames wears a prosthetic mask around others, but the mental and physical scarring from the accident causes him to become withdrawn and depressed. Brian convinces David t...

    Tom Cruise as David Aames
    Penélope Cruz as Sofia Serrano
    Cameron Diaz as Julianna "Julie" Gianni


    After the American debut of Alejandro Amenábar's 1997 Spanish film Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes) at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, Tom Cruise and his producing partner Paula Wagner optioned the remake rights. Hoping to entice director Cameron Crowe, who previously collaborated with Cruise on Jerry Maguire, Cruise invited Crowe over to his house to view the film.Cruise has stated: The title of the film is a reference to depictions of skies in certain paintings by Claude Monet. In addition t...


    Principal photography for Vanilla Sky began in late 2000 and lasted six weeks. On November 12, 2000, shooting for the scene of the deserted Times Square in New York took place in the early hours of the day. A large section of traffic was blocked off around Times Square while the scene was shot. "There was a limit on how long the city would let us lock everything up even on an early Sunday morning when much of NYC would be slow getting up," said Steadicamoperator Larry McConkey. "Several times...


    See main article: Music from Vanilla Sky. Aside from the opening sequence featuring the song 'Everything In Its Right Place' by Radiohead and selected works by Icelandic group Sigur Rós, the musical score for Vanilla Sky was composed by Crowe's then wife, Nancy Wilson, who previously scored Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. Wilson spent nine months working on the film's music, which was done through experimentation of sound collages. "We were trying to balance out the heaviness of the story wi...

    According to Cameron Crowe's commentary, there are five different interpretations of the ending: 1. "Tech support" is telling the truth: 150 years have passed since Aames killed himself and subsequent events form a lucid dream. 2. The entire film is a dream, evidenced by a sticker on Aames' car that reads "2/30/01" (February 30 does not occur in the Gregorian calendar). 3. The events following the crash form a dream that occurs while Aames is in a coma. 4. The entire film is the plot of the book that Brian is writing. 5. The entire film after the crash is a hallucination caused by the drugs that were administered during Aames' reconstructive surgery. Crowe notes that the presence of "Vanilla Sky" - the morning reunion after the club scene - marks the first lucid dream scene, and that everything that follows is a dream.

    Box office

    Vanilla Skyopened at #1 at the box office in the United States when it was first presented on December 14, 2001. The opening weekend took in a gross income of $25,015,518 (24.9%). The final domestic gross income was $100.61 million while the foreign gross income was slightly higher at $102.76m for a worldwide gross income of $203,388,341.

    Critical reception

    Vanilla Sky holds an approval rating of 42% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 170 reviews. The site's consensus states: "An ambitious mix of genres, Vanilla Sky collapses into an incoherent jumble. Cruise's performance lacks depth, and it's hard to feel sympathy for his narcissistic character." Metacriticreported, based on 33 reviews, a "Mixed" rating of 45 out of 100. Roger Ebert's printed review of Vanilla Skyawarded the film three out of four stars: Ebert interpreted the ending as an explanation...

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    Vanilla Skye, Actress: Whipped Ass. Vanilla Skye was born on October 2, 1984 in Culver City, California, USA as Danielle Renee Santilli. She is an actress.

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    • October 2, 1984
    • Vanilla Skye
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    Dec 14, 2001 · "Vanilla Sky" has started as if it is about David's life and loves. It reveals an entirely different orientation (which I will not reveal even here in the room), and, to be fair, there is a full explanation.

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    Vanilla Sky (2001) Full Cast & Crew. Directed by (1) Writing credits (3) Cast (101) Produced by (12) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (2) Casting By (1)

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    Vanilla Sky is by far his darkest feature, but also the one with the least amount of heart and pizazz. In fact, most of it is just a dull mess. Vanilla Sky is an American remake of the 1997 ...

    • (170)
    • mystery and thriller, drama
    • R
  9. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vanilla Sky | ScreenRant
    • The Numbers Mean Something. In dreams, it’s often hard to read words and they come off as incoherent babble. But when you’re filming the story of a dream, you can make that incoherent babble mean something.
    • The Beatles' Influence Extends Beyond The Soundtrack. The influence of one of the greatest bands in the world was extremely prevalent throughout the film.
    • Steven Spielberg Has A Cameo. One of the greatest directors in the history of medium makes an appearance at David’s party. Steven Spielberg had stopped by the set to talk with Tom Cruise about their first ever collaboration, the then-upcoming Minority Report, hence why he’s seen wearing a Pre-Crime hat.
    • The Song Revolution 9 Influenced The Film's Style. Former Rolling Stone writer Cameron Crowe always has music on the brain in his films. For Vanilla Sky, he had a slew of Beatles music.
  10. Vanilla Sky (2001) : Movie Plot Ending Explained | This is Barry

    Vanilla Sky is a beautiful remake of the Spanish film “Abre Los Ojos” (Open Your Eyes) by Cameron Crowe. The Vanilla Sky cast includes Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz and Cameron Diaz in leading roles. What begins as a romantic tale with a murder mystery slowly unfolds to become something that warps reality.

  11. 10 Things You've Never Noticed In Vanilla Sky | ScreenRant

    Sep 21, 2019 · Vanilla Sky is a science fiction thriller which was produced in 2001. It is an English adaptation of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes.It has a strong cast, including Penélope Cruz, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Jason Lee, and Kurt Russel.

    • A song with a story
      A song with a story
      The song 'I fall Apart' in the movie, is attributed to Julianna Gianni, Cameron Diaz's character. It is also performed by the talented actress, and went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
    • Number 9
      Number 9
      There are numerous times in the narrative when the number 9 is displayed. One of these is on David's watch, when the number 9:09 is shown. Another time, 9:09 is shown on the chalkboard.
    • First to hear the news
      First to hear the news
      The cast and crew of Vanilla Sky were probably the first to hear about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's decision to divorce. Tom sat them down and announced the news to them a full day before it was released to the public.
  12. Explaining the ending of Vanilla Sky, why it’s all a dream ...

    Jun 01, 2017 · Likewise, in Vanilla Sky we see that David’s subconscious reacts to the glitch.McCabe, much like Cotillard, is a manifestation of emotion. Though what exactly he represents is tricky.