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  2. May 28, 2022 · Cleaning up is a courtesy e.g "it is good if you do this". Not an obligation e.g. "you should do this". So it is wrong to "tegur" people from the start. You may "suggest" or "advice" people, but people have no obligation to follow it. The main point is local restaurant do not even ask you to do this.

  3. Sep 28, 2018 · Instead of using plastic cutlery when you do eat out (or for your homemade lunch at work), buy a portable bamboo or stainless steel utensil kit. #9 – Read SLO Active’s Plastic Pollution Guide SLO active, a lifestyle brand that focuses on oceanwear and activism, created an extensive guide to plastic pollution in conjunction with marine ...

  4. The impact of something else doesn't change the impact of what you do. If someone hands you a $1 million check, you don't say 'this is nothing compared to a $1 billion check; I'm not going to cash it'. If you create an open source project, you don't say 'it's not Linux, so I'm going to abandon it'. It's an absurd rhetorical argument.

  5. Mar 26, 2019 · Forget use-and-toss plastic ware: Serve your food in these patterned all-in-one bowls instead. They double as a storage container; just lid ’em up and they won’t spill in the car. When you’re ready to serve, pop off the lids and place them directly on the table. Why it made our list: The quirky pattern is simple yet chic. Shop Now

  6. See how Mailchimp’s e-commerce automations can save you time and help you convert more first-time buyers into repeat customers. Business Stages — Prep & Start. Learn to write a business plan, build a brand, and turn your ambition into a successful business. Manage & Run. Off and running?

  7. India banned some single-use or disposable plastic products Friday as a part of a federal plan to phase out the ubiquitous material in the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people July 01 June 30

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