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  1. The United States of America ( U.S.A. or USA ), commonly known as the United States ( U.S. or US) or America, is a country primarily located in North America. It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, nine Minor Outlying Islands, [g] and 326 Indian reservations.

  2. 2.1 Native Americans 2.2 European settlers 2.3 Independence and expansion 2.4 Civil War and industrialization 2.5 World War I, Great Depression, and World War II 2.6 Cold War and civil rights era 2.7 Modern history 3 Government Toggle Government subsection 3.1 Executive branch 3.2 Legislative branch 3.3 Judicial branch 4 Politics

  3. Les États-Unis ont la structure politique d'une république et d'un État fédéral à régime présidentiel, composé de cinquante États. La capitale fédérale, Washington, est située dans le district de Columbia, une zone enclavée dans l'Union, mais hors des cinquante États. La monnaie est le dollar américain.

  4. Les États des États-Unis sont les subdivisions politiques et historiques les plus importantes des États-Unis d'Amérique. Ce pays est une république fédérale composée de cinquante États fédérés auxquels s'ajoutent le district de Columbia — comprenant la capitale Washington — et plusieurs territoires .

    Nom De L'état (genre)
    Nom Anglais Api
    Surnom (s)
    Alabama /ˌ æ ləˈb æ mə/
    Heart of Dixie Yellowhammer State
    Alaska /əˈl æ skə/
    Last Frontier
    Arizona /ˌ æ ɹ ɪ ˈzoʊnə/
    Grand Canyon State
    Arkansas /ˈɑɹkənsɑ/
    Natural State
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    United States (a country in North America ) Les États-Unis sont un grand pays. The United States is a big country. Usage notes [ edit] Unlike the English equivalent, États-Unis is always used as a plural noun. In older French practice, capital letters did not take diacritics, so É becomes E. This was mostly done because of technical constraints.

  6. independence recognized by country from which it separated. statement is subject of. Treaty of Paris (1783) 0 references. official name. the United States of America (English) statement is subject of. naming of the Americas. 2 references.

  7. Regional dishes of the United States [ edit] An American dish of elbow macaroni, ground beef, tomato sauce, seasonings, and sometimes grated cheese. [1] A dish that is similar to American chop suey, consisting of pasta (such as macaroni or egg noodles), ground beef, tomatoes or tomato sauce, and seasonings. Some variations include cheese.

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