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    1824 (MDCCCXXIV) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar, the 1824th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 824th year of the 2nd millennium, the 24th year of the 19th century, and the 5th year of the 1820s decade.

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    The 1824 United States presidential election was the tenth U.S. presidential election. It was held from Tuesday, October 26 to Wednesday, December 1, 1824. Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and William Crawford were the primary contenders for the presidency.

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    A. B. plot (1823–1824) John Neal publishing serially the first written history of American literature (1824-1825) Births. January 21 – Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general (died 1863) February 14 – Winfield Scott Hancock, Civil War Union general and political candidate (died 1886)

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    New Annual Register...for 1824, London: J. Holdsworth, 1825; See also This page was last edited on 29 February 2020, at 18:33 (UTC). Text is available under the ...

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    1824. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 1824 ie n ann dl calender gregorian. nasci ...

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    List of shipwrecks: 3 May 1824 Ship Country Description Joseph & Mary United Kingdom The ship collided with Neptune ( United Kingdom) and sank in the English Channel off Dungeness, Kent with the loss of two of her crew.

    The ship was driven ashore and severely damaged at Bideford, Devon in early May. She was on a voyage from Bideford to Prince Edward Island, British North America. Bellond was taken in to Bideford for repairs.
    The brig was driven ashore and wrecked in the Los Roques archipelago, Gran Colombia before 15 April. She was on a voyage from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to La Guayra, Gran Colombia.
    The ship was driven ashore on the coast of British North America. She was later refloated and taken in to Quebec City, Lower Canada.
    The ship was driven ashore on Hare Island, Lower Canada, British North America before 17 May.
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    The Barrackpore mutiny was a rising of native Indian sepoys {baba binda} against their British officers in Barrackpore in November 1824. The incident occurred when the British East India Company was fighting the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824–1826) under the leadership of the governor-general of India William Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst.

  9. Vagrancy Act 1824 - Wikipedia

    The Vagrancy Act 1824 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom that makes it an offence to sleep rough or beg. It remains in force in England and Wales, and anyone found to be sleeping in a public place or to be trying to beg for money can be arrested. Contemporary critics, including William Wilberforce, condemned the Act for being a catch-all offence because it did not consider the circumstances as to why an individual might be placed in such a predicament.

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    Wikimedia Commons gelah média sané matopik 1824. 1824 ( MDCCCXXIV ) inggih punika warsa kabisat sané katutug rahina Wraspati ring kaléndér Grégorian lan warsa kabisat sané katutug rahina Anggara ring kaléndér Julian , warsa ka-1824 ring kaucapang Masehi (M) lan Anno Domini (AD), warsa ka-824 ring Milenium ka-2 , warsa ka-24 ring Abad ka-19 , lan warsa ka- 5 ring dékade 1820-an .

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    Το 1824 σε άλλα ημερολόγια; Γρηγοριανό ημερολόγιο: 1824 MDCCCXXIV: Ελληνικό αλφάβητο,ΑΩΚΔ´ Ab urbe condita: 2577: Αρμενικό ημερολόγιο: 1273 ԹՎ ՌՄՀԳ: Κινεζικό ημερολόγιο: 4520 – 4521 癸未 – 甲申: Αιθιοπικό ημερολόγιο ...