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    The 18th century BC was the century which lasted from 1800 BC to 1701 BC.

  2. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 18th century BCE was the century which lasted from 1800 BCE to 1701 BCE.

    • 19th century BC, 18th century BC, 17th century BC
    • 2nd millennium BC
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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to 18th century BC.: Subcategories. This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total. A 18th century BC in the arts‎ (2 C)

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    The eighteenth century BC was the time period from 1800 BC to 1701 BC. 1800 BC - beginning of Iron Age in India[1] 1800 BC — beginning of the Nordic Bronze Age in the periodization system devised by Oscar Montelius. 1800 BC–1300 BC — Troy flourishes. c. 1800 BC — Hyksos start to settle in the...

    • 2nd millennium BC
  5. 19th century BC - Wikipedia

    The 19th century BC was the century which lasted from 1900 BC to 1801 BC.

  6. 17th century BC - Wikipedia

    The 17th century BC was a century which lasted from 1700 BC to 1601 BC. Nebra sky disk , central Europe 1600 BC. The inlaid gold depicted the crescent moon and the Pleiades star cluster in a specific arrangement forming the earliest known depiction of celestial phenomena.

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  8. Zoroaster - Wikipedia

    Other scholars propose a period between 7th and 6th century, for example, c. 650–600 BC or 559–522 BC. The latest possible date is the mid 6th century, at the time of Achaemenid Empire's Darius I, or his predecessor Cyrus the Great.

  9. 16th century BC - Wikipedia

    c. 1500 BC: Many scholars date early parts of the Rig Veda to roughly the 16th century. c. 1500 BC: Queen Hatsheput in Egypt (18th Dynasty). c. 1500 BC: The element Mercury has been discovered in Egyptian tombs dating from this decade. c. 1500 BC: Settlers from Crete, Greece move to Miletus, Turkey.

  10. 8th century BC - Wikipedia

    The 8th century BC started the first day of 800 BC and ended the last day of 701 BC. The 8th century BC is a period of great change for several historically significant civilizations. In Egypt, the 23rd and 24th dynasties lead to rule from Nubia in the 25th Dynasty.

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