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    True Crime (1999) Warner Home Video: VHS and DVD release August 17 Belle's Tales of Friendship: Walt Disney Home Video: Direct-to-video VHS releases Hercules: Zero to ...

  2. 1998 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 1998_in_home_video

    1998 is nearing the end of the dominance of the VHS format with the DVD overtaking tape sales by the early 2000s. The so-called format wars are almost over with Sony's Betamax format ending production at about this same time.

  3. 1993 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 1993_in_home_video

    Industry milestones Date unknown. Two high density optical storage formats have been developed: the MultiMedia Compact Disc (MMCD) by Philips and Sony, and the Super Density (SD) disc by Toshiba, Time Warner, Matsushita Electric, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Pioneer, Thomson, and JVC.

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  5. 2000 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 2000_in_home_video

    Walt Disney Home Video: VHS releases Safety Patrol: The 13th Warrior: Touchstone Home Video: VHS and DVD release Adventures in Babysitting: DVD release An Ideal Husband (1999) Miramax Home Entertainment: VHS and DVD release From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter: Dimension Home Video: Direct-to-video VHS and DVD release Encino Man ...

    U.S./Canada release date
    January 4
    MGM Home Entertainment
    VHS and DVD release
    January 11
    Walt Disney Home Video
    VHS re-release; part of the Walt Disney ...
    January 11
    Walt Disney Home Video
    VHS release
    January 11
    Buena Vista Home Video
    Direct-to-video VHS release
  6. 1992 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 1992_in_home_video

    Documentary Home Video Releases. Baseball's Greatest Moments - September 10; Released in Argentinian in Chilean English Video Chile: ADV Garantía Original Video (1986-2028 Walt Disney Home Video Argentina, Latin America Touchstone Home Video Argentina, Latin America Hollywood Pictures Home Video Argentina, Latin America

  7. 1999 in home video - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core › info › 1999_in_home_video

    1999 in home video. ... Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article ...

  8. 1996 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 1996_in_home_video

    Industry milestones November. November 1 – The DVD format is introduced in Japan.; December. December 12 – It was announced that 20th Century Fox is to leave the Swedish market from 1997, making Egmont Film the largest home video rental company in Sweden.

  9. America's Funniest Home Videos - Wikipedia › wiki › America&

    A special entitled America's Funniest Home Videos: Deluxe Uncensored (which was released only on home video and featured somewhat more risqué content than that allowed on the television broadcasts) was hosted by Steve Carell and taped on the set used from the 1998–1999 season. These specials (except for the special sports edition) were not ...

  10. 1991 in home video - Wikipedia › wiki › 1991_in_home_video

    Industry milestones July. July 11 - Fox Video is formed. Date unknown. In Sweden the development of satellite television has become a tough competitor to the home video market and through oustings and mergings the number of videogram disbursers has reduced from circa 60 to circa 20.

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