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    Action Comics is an American comic book / magazine series that introduced Superman, one of the first major superhero characters. The publisher was originally known as National Allied Publications, and later as National Comics Publications and as National Periodical Publications, before taking on its current name of DC Comics.

  2. Action Comics 1 - Wikipedia

    Published on June 30, 1938 (cover-dated June), by National Allied Publications, a corporate predecessor of DC Comics, it is considered the first true superhero comic; and though today Action Comics is a monthly title devoted to Superman, it began, like many early comics, as an anthology. Action Comics was started by publisher Jack Liebowitz.

    • June 1938 (cover date) / May 1938 (on sale date)
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    Action The cover of Action#1. Publication information PublisherIPC ScheduleWeekly FormatOngoing series Genre Action/adventure Publication date14 February 1976 – 5 November 1977 No. of issues86 Creative team Created byPat Mills Collected editions The Collected Hook JawISBN 0-9554733-0-6 Action was a controversial weekly British children's anthology comic that was published by IPC Magazines, starting on 14 February 1976, until November 1977. Concerns over the comic's violent content saw it...

    The comic was devised in 1975 by freelance writer/editor Pat Mills, at the request of publishing house IPC. It was intended to reflect the changing social and political times of the late 1970s, and to compete with DC Thomson's war-themed Warlord title. Warlord was a new type of British boys adventure comic, focusing largely on military action, with tougher heroes and storylines than had been seen previously. The title was a commercial success, and initially inspired IPC to launch Battle Picture

    Spitfire Comics released a Hook Jaw trade paperback: 1. The Collected Hook Jaw

    • 86 (87 including non-distributed 23 Oct 1976 issue; no issue 30 Oct to 20 Nov 1976)
    • Action/adventure
    • 14 February 1976 – 5 November 1977
    • IPC
  4. Action Lab Comics - Wikipedia

    Action Lab Entertainment (also known as Action Lab Comics or ALE), is an American publisher of comic books, known primarily for the publication of the all-ages fantasy title Princeless, as well as a wide range of titles from all genres.

    • Shawn Pryor, Dave Dwonch, Shawn Gabborin
    • Publishing
    • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
    • Comic Books
  5. Action Comics 1000 - Wikipedia

    Action Comics #1000 is an anthology, and contains several Superman stories, mostly around five to 10 pages, showcasing different eras of Superman's publication history and fictional life: "From the City Who Has Everything" ( Dan Jurgens, writer and penciller; Norm Rapmund, inker; Hi Fi Design, colorist; Rob Leigh, letterer) is a celebration of Superman hosted by his home city of Metropolis, modeled after Jurgens' previous work on " The Death of Superman ", the Lois & Clark: The New ...

    • Early June 2018 (cover date) / April 18, 2018 (on sale date)
  6. Action Comics Vol 1 - DC Comics Database

    Action Comics was the second longest running comic book series of all time, with only Detective Comics having been published longer. In 2018, it became only the second American comic book in history (after the 1930s-1960s Dell Comics title Four Color ) to publish a 1,000th issue.

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  9. Action Comics Vol 1 1 - DC Comics Database

    ...And nothing less than a burst shell could penetrate his skin! Action Comics #1 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1938. It was published on May 3, 1938.

  10. Action Comics Vol 1 900 - DC Comics Database

    "The Black Ring: Finale - Reign of Doomsday":Quickly speeding towards Metropolis, Superman arrives and quickly asks for Doomsday's whereabouts. Lois confronts Superman and tells him of Doomsday's fight with Steel. Though Lois worries about the fact that Doomsday killed Superman before, he reass Action Comics #900 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June ...

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