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    Aichi Prefecture (愛知県, Aichi-ken, Japanese pronunciation: [aitɕi̥ꜜkeɴ]) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region of Honshū. Aichi Prefecture has a population of 7,552,873 (1 October 2019) and a geographic area of 5,172.92 km² (1,997.28 sq mi) with a population density of 1,460 persons per km².

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      Originally, the region was divided into the two provinces of...

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      Located near the center of the Japanese main island of...

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      Companies headquartered in Aichi include the following....

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    Aichi Prefecture (愛知県 Aichi-ken) is a prefecture located in the Chūbu region, Chūkyō region of Japan. The capital is Nagoya. Subcategories. This category has the following 18 subcategories, out of 18 total.

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    Aichi faces Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay to the south. The prefecture borders Shizuoka Prefecture to the east, Nagano Prefecture to the northeast, Gifu Prefecture to the north, and Mie Prefecture to the west. National Parks. National Parks are established in about 17% of the total land area of the prefecture.

    • 5,153.81 km² (28th)
    • Nagoya
  4. Toyota, Aichi - Wikipedia,_Aichi

    Toyota is located in north-central Aichi Prefecture, and is the largest city in the prefecture in terms of area. The city area is mountainous to the north, with peaks averaging around 1000 meters in height along its northern border with Nagano and Gifu Prefectures.

    • 918.32 km² (354.57 sq mi)
    • Aichi
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  6. Aichi Prefecture Gokoku Shrine - Wikipedia

    The Aichi Prefecture Gokoku Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in the Sannomaru enceinte, next to Nagoya Castle, in central Nagoya, Japan.. External links. Media related to Aichiken-Gokoku-jinja at Wikimedia Commons

  7. Seto, Aichi - Wikipedia,_Aichi

    Seto (瀬戸市, Seto-shi) is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 October 2019 [update] , the city had an estimated population of 127,659 in 56,573 households, [1] and a population density of 1,146 persons per km².

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    Ichinomiya (一宮市, Ichinomiya-shi) is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.The city is sometimes called Owarichinomiya to avoid confusion with other municipalities of the same name, including Ichinomiya (now part of the city of Toyokawa), Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture.

  9. Mie Prefecture - Wikipedia

    Mie Prefecture borders Gifu Prefecture to the north, Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture to the northwest, Nara Prefecture to the west, Wakayama Prefecture to the southwest, and Aichi Prefecture to the east. Tsu is the capital and Yokkaichi is the largest city of Mie Prefecture, with other major cities including Suzuka, Matsusaka, and Kuwana.

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    愛知県(あいちけん、英: Aichi Prefecture )は、日本の中部地方に位置する県。 県庁所在地 および最大の都市は 名古屋市 。 目次

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    Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県, Gifu-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region of Honshu. Gifu Prefecture has a population of 1,991,390 (1 June 2019) and has a geographic area of 10,621 km² (4,100 sq mi).