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    All Star Comics is an American comic book series from All-American Publications, one of three companies that merged with National Periodical Publications to form the modern-day DC Comics. While the series' cover-logo trademark reads All Star Comics , its copyrighted title as indicated by postal indicia is All-Star Comics , with a hyphen. [2]

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    All-Star Superman, a film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, is an adaptation of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's 2005–2008 comic book All-Star Superman. It was written by writer Dwayne McDuffie and directed by Sam Liu. It was released on February 22, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2021 · All Star Comics is an Amer­i­can comic book se­ries from All-Amer­i­can Pub­li­ca­tions, one of three com­pa­nies that merged with Na­tional Pe­ri­od­i­cal Pub­li­ca­tions to form the mod­ern-day DC Comics.

  5. Star Comics - Wikipedia › wiki › Star_Comics

    Star Comics was an imprint of Marvel Comics that began in 1984 and featured titles that were aimed at child readers and were often adaptations of children's television series, animated series or toys. The last comic published under the imprint featured a May 1988 cover date, although the Star Comics Magazine continued through December 1988.

    • 1988; 33 years ago
    • Comic books
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    All Star Comics Melbourne is an Australian comic book store co-owned by Mitchell Davies and Troy Varker. The store was first opened in February 2011 and in 2014, won the Spirit of Comics Retailer Award at the 26th annual Eisner Awards. The award was split with the Legend Comics & Coffee in Nebraska.

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    The All-Star Squadron is a DC Comics superhero team that debuted in Justice League of America #193 and was created by Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler and Jerry Ordway. Although the team was introduced in the 1980s, its self-titled series took place in the 1940s, retroactively inserting their narratives into the fictional history of the DC Comics superheroes. The team included many of DC's Golden Age era characters, new characters, and other World War II superheroes that DC did not own during the 1940s

    • Preview:, Justice League of America #193 (August 1981), First full appearance:, All-Star Squadron # 1 (September 1981)
    • Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler, Jerry Ordway
  8. All-Star Comics Vol 1 | DC Database | Fandom › wiki › All-Star_Comics

    All-Star Comics was an anthology comic book series published from 1940 (cover date listed as "Summer") to 1951 ("February - March" issue) and then revived in the 1970s. It was an unusual publication in that it was originally published jointly by All-American Publications and National Periodical Publications .

  9. All-Star Comics Vol 1 5 | DC Database | Fandom › wiki › All-Star_Comics_Vol_1_5

    All-Star Comics #5 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1941. It was published on April 25, 1941.

  10. All-Star Comics Vol 1 11 | DC Database | Fandom › wiki › All-Star_Comics_Vol_1_11

    All-Star Comics #11 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics with a cover date of June, 1942. Contents 1 Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Justice Society Joins the War on Japan"

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