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  1. Inédito (Antônio Carlos Jobim album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Inédito_(Antônio_Carlos

    Inédito (AKA The Unknown and originally titled Tom Jobim for its original 1987 Release) was a privately commissioned studio album by Antônio Carlos Jobim, released in 1987 in a limited edition to commemorate his 60th birthday, and re-released in 1995 for the general public.

  2. Francisco - Wikipedia › wiki › Francisco

    Francisco is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the masculine given name Franciscus.. In Spanish, people with the name Francisco are sometimes nicknamed "Paco": San Francisco de Asís was known as Pater Comunitatis (The Community father) when he founded their Franciscan order, "Paco" is a short form of "Pater Comunitatis".

  3. The Girl from IpanemaWikipedia › wiki › The_Girl_from_Ipanema

    Als Arrangeur griff man erneut auf Claus Ogerman zurück, dessen Arbeiten auch Sinatra schätzte. Auf der im März 1967 erschienenen LP Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim, die bemerkenswerte Verkaufsziffern erzielte, war auch ein Duett zu The Girl from Ipanema (aufgenommen am 31. Januar 1967) enthalten.

  4. List of works by Heitor Villa-Lobos - IMSLP: Free Sheet Music ... › wiki › List_of_works_by_Heitor_Villa-Lobos

    Nos. 2 and 3 were premiered 12 November, 1919, in the Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, with Frederico Nascimento Filho (voice) and Lucilia Villa-Lobos (piano). Poetry by Abílio Barreto Sylvio Romero, B. Lopes, A. Guimarães, Luiz Guimarães Filho, and Antônio Maria C. de Oliveira. W057 is an arrangement for voice and orchestra. W057 ...

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