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  1. Similarly to the use of the term Anzac, the Anzac biscuit is protected by regulations, regulating any commercial usage of this product so that it remains true to its traditional values. Primarily, such regulations pertain to the recipe, [23] in which its commemorative value stems from its recipes in history, [1] as well as the name of the ...

  2. The Lone Pine Memorial commemorates Australians killed in the Anzac sector, as well as New Zealanders with no known grave or who were buried at sea, while the Lone Pine, Hill 60 and Chunuk Bair memorials commemorate New Zealanders killed at Anzac. The Twelve Tree Copse Memorial commemorates the New Zealanders killed in the Helles sector, while ...

  3. The term 'ANZAC' was first used in 1915, as an acronym to describe the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in army reports. The two corps were part of the British-commanded Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, which fought against the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli in 1915. There are different stories about who first used the 'Anzac' term.

  4. Jun 30, 2017 · The Anzac Corps in Egypt received orders that it was to move to the front. 12 April 1915. Units of the Anzac Corps began arriving on Lemnos. 13 to 14 April 1915. The British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth took senior Anzac Corps officers and battalion commanders to view the coast of Gallipoli and to select landing sites. 17 April 1915

  5. Hi Michelle, word game is played by forming other words with the word chosen for the game. There is only one rule: Letters may not be repeated unless the chosen word has repeated letters. For instance, if the chosen word is ‘PEDESTRIAN’: it has two ‘E’ so words like ‘deep’, ‘seen’ or ‘respite’ are fine.

  6. A memorial tablet to Herbert Asquith, Prime Minister at the outbreak of war, is on a pillar in the north transept. A memorial stone to sixteen representative poets of the First World War is in Poets' Corner. The writer C.S. Lewis was wounded at the battle of Arras. His memorial stone is in Poets' Corner.

  7. Jul 17, 2017 · The words have not changed between the two sentences. What we see, instead, between the two sentences is that the words used have been moved around to craft a new sentence. Instead of placing the word “tomorrow” near the second half of the sentence like Sentence One, the second sentence (Sentence Two) places the word “tomorrow” at the ...

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