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  2. See what natively integrated marketing automation in MSFT Dynamics can do for your team. Boost your ROI by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a native marketing solution.

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  1. Dec 10, 2019 · All email templates included with Dynamics 365 Marketing have been tested against a wide range of available email clients, as listed in the following tables. The templates should work flawlessly on most modern clients, but some design elements might degrade on older, less-used clients.

  2. Apr 01, 2018 · As you've seen, each time you create a new email message, customer journey, marketing page, or marketing form, you start by choosing a template. Dynamics 365 Marketing includes sample templates to get you started, but you'll probably want to build your own to match your own organization's requirements and graphical identity.

  3. Dec 14, 2020 · This copies the design to the Dynamics 365 Marketing email marketing service, which makes the message available for use by a customer journey (but doesn't deliver any messages yet). The go-live process also activates any dynamic code and replaces links with trackable versions that are redirected through Dynamics 365 Marketing.

  4. Mar 22, 2021 · You can also work directly in the templates area (Marketing > Marketing Templates > Email templates) to view or edit existing templates and create new ones. When setting up a template, you can add various types of metadata (purpose, style, market type, and optimized for) which make each template easier to identify and find by using filters.

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    • Use Assist Edit to Place Dynamic Field Values
    • Dynamic Values in to, From-Name, From-Address, and Reply-To Fields
    • Use Dynamic Values to Choose An Image Source Or Link
    • Find Record Ids
    • Advanced Dynamic Content
    • How to Enter Advanced Dynamic Content in The Designer

    Assist edit helps you construct valid dynamic expressions to position field values from recipient contact records, the message content settings, and other database values. This button is provided on the text formatting toolbar whenever you select a text element in the graphical designer. The button is also provided for some settings fields, such as the subject, from-address, and from-name fields.

    On the Summary tab of the Marketing Email form, you can make various non-content-related settings for your message in the Sender and receiversection. This includes values and expressions for establishing the to, from-name, from-address, and reply-to values the message will use. One typical way to take advantage of this feature is to set the From name and From addressto the owner of the contact record. Then, by assigning the owner of each contact record to the salesperson managing that contact, recipients will receive marketing emails that show a from address of somebody they may know, which can greatly increase open rates. Here's how: 1. If your Marketing instance isn't already set up to sync the User (systemuser) entity with the marketing-insights service, talk to your admin about setting this up. If you are the admin, then see Choose entities to sync with the marketing-insights servicefor instructions. 2. Open your email message and go to the Summarytab. 3. Delete the contents of...

    You can use a dynamic expression to define the source URL for image elements. To do so, select the image element, go to its Properties panel and then select the Assist edit button next to the Sourcefield to place dynamic text as part of the URL. You'll typically mix this with static text to assemble a complete URL. For example, you could include the recipient's contact ID or company name to select an image that is relevant for each individual recipient. You can likewise use assist edit to help construct a dynamic expression for setting a Linkdestination for the image.

    Non-contextual field expressions (which use the form {{EntityName(RecordID).FieldName}}) require a record ID to identify the specific record the value must come from. Usually, assist edit will help you find these IDs, but sometimes you might need to find an ID manually while you are designing dynamic features for a message. To find the ID for any record: 1. Open the record you want to reference. 2. Look at the URL shown in your browser's address bar, which should show a URL such as: https:// 3. Find the part of the URL that starts with &id=, which is followed by the ID number of your current record. Copy that number (the value only) and use it in your expression.

    You can add advanced logical processing to your email designs, which can make the content even more responsive to recipients, demographics, and context. This type of customization requires you to have a basic understanding of scripting and programming. As you've seen in previous examples, dynamic content is surrounded by double braces ( {{ and }} ). This includes both standard field values that you add using the assist-editfeature, and the more advanced programming constructs described in this section.

    You must be careful when entering advanced dynamic code in the designer because there are many, sometimes unexpected, ways to get it wrong, which will break your code. Here are some tips for how to enter and test your code: 1. Use custom-code elements to place code snippets between design elements on the Designer tab. This is much more visible and reliable than placing the code directly into the HTML using the HTML tab. However, you might also use dynamic code within a text element, in which case you'll probably need to clean up that code on the HTML tab, as mentioned later in this list. (When working in the full-page editor, select on a custom-code element to edit its content.) 2. When you enter code into a text element on the Designer tab, any extra spaces and carriage returns that you add will create  and tags in your code, which can break it. Always go to the HTMLtab afterwards, where you'll see all of these extra tags, and be sure to remove them. 3. When you enter code...

  6. Our graphic designers are designing the actual templates, but they are not using MS Marketing or CRM. They will only deliver the visuals and someone from my team will import it to MS Marketing for email sends. Are there any limitations to email templates (i.e. images) that I can give to designers? I cannot find this info anywhere. Thanks! -elisa

  7. Aug 30, 2018 · There’s a lot of utility and flexibility to take advantage of with Dynamics 365 email templates. Formatting the standard email templates is a wee bit tricky. But with a little training, you can quickly create handy templates to send as one-offs or send automatically via workflow.

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    related to: Are there email templates for Dynamics 365 marketing?
  2. Prove your ROI with marketing technology that natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. Boost your ROI by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a native marketing solution.

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