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    Bangladesh (/ ˌ b æ ŋ l ə ˈ d ɛ ʃ /, Bengali: বাংলাদেশ, pronounced [ˈbaŋlaˌdeʃ] ), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia. It is the eighth-most populous country in the world, with a population exceeding 164 million people.

    • Dhaka

      Dhaka (/ ˈ d ɑː k ə / DAH-kə or / ˈ d æ k ə / DAK-ə,...

    • Bengali Language

      Bengali (/ b ɛ ŋ ˈ ɡ ɔː l i /), also known by its endonym...

    • Sheikh Hasina

      Sheikh Hasina was born in Tungipara, East Pakistan on 28...

  2. Bangladesh (officially called People's Republic of Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia. It is next to the North-east Indian provincial regions of India, which converges with Southeast Asia to the east. Its full name is The People's Republic of Bangladesh. The capital and the largest city is Dhaka (formerly "Dacca").

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  4. Economy of Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Bangladesh is a market of 160 million people with vast consumer spending around mobile phones, telco and internet. Bangladesh has 80 million internet users, an estimated 9% growth in internet use by June 2017 powered by mobile internet. Bangladesh currently has an active 23 million Facebook users.

  5. শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান ছিলেন বাংলাদেশের প্রথম রাষ্ট্রপতি ও ভারতীয় উপমহাদেশের একজন অন্যতম প্রভাবশালী রাজনৈতিক ব্যক্তিত্ব। তিনি বাঙালির অধিকার রক্ষায় ...

  6. COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Bangladesh reached two grim milestones of 160,000 cases and 2,000 deaths on 5 July and overtook France in terms of the number of cases two days later. The number of recoveries in the country exceeded the number of active cases on 12 July. Bangladesh is the second most affected country in South Asia, after India.

  7. Flag of Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Origin. The first version of the flag was designed and made by a section of student leaders and activists of Swadheen Bangla Nucleus on 6 June 1970, at room 108 of Iqbal Hall (now Sergeant Zahurul Haq hall), Dhaka University; students involved with the design were namely Kazi Aref Ahmed, ASM Abdur Rab, Shahjahan Siraj, Manirul Islam (Marshal Moni), Swapan Kumar Choudhury, Quamrul Alam Khan ...

    • 17 January 1972
    • The Red & Green (Bengali: লাল সবুজ, Lal Shobuj)
  8. Bangladesh – Wikipedia

    Bangladesh jaetaan seitsemään osaan, jotka on nimetty pääkaupunkiensa mukaan: Barisal (বরিশাল), Chittagong (চট্টগ্রাম), Dhaka (ঢাকা), Khulna (খুলনা), Rajshahi (রাজশাহী), Rangpur (রংপুর) ja Sylhet (সিলেট).

  9. West Indian cricket team in Bangladesh in 2020–21 - Wikipedia

    The West Indies cricket team toured Bangladesh in January and February 2021 to play two Tests and three One Day International (ODI) matches. The Test series formed part of the inaugural 2019–21 ICC World Test Championship and the ODI series formed part of the inaugural 2020–23 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League.

    • 20 January – 15 February 2021
    • Bangladesh won the 3-match series 3–0
    • West Indies won the 2-match series 2–0
    • Nkrumah Bonner (WI)
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