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  1. Británico - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreánico

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  2. United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Flag Anthem: "God Save the Queen" Royal coats of arms: Show globe Show map of Europe Location of the United Kingdom (dark green) in Europe (dark grey) Location of the United Kingdom, Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories (red) Capital and largest city London 51°30′N 0°7′W  /  51.500°N 0.117°W  / 51.500; -0.117 ...

  3. Great Britain - Wikipedia

    Great Britain is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of continental Europe.With an area of 209,331 km 2 (80,823 sq mi), it is the largest of the British Isles, the largest European island, and the ninth-largest island in the world.

  4. British Empire - Wikipedia

    The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates, and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom and its predecessor states. . It originated with the overseas possessions and trading posts established by England between the late 16th and early 18th centuri

  5. Cementerio Británico - Wikipediaánico

    Cementerio Británico de Buenos Aires, also known in English as Buenos Aires British cemetery, is a cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.It is in the district of Chacarita in the northern part of Buenos Aires, adjacent to La Chacarita Cemetery

  6. Britânico – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreânico

    Britânico é a nacionalidade dos cidadãos do Reino Unido, das dependências da Coroa Britânica ou de qualquer um dos territórios britânicos ultramarinos, bem como dos seus descendentes. [ 1 ] É comum o termo ser usado erroneamente como sinônimo de inglês , já que esta última palavra designa quem nasce ou reside na Inglaterra , que é ...

  7. British Museum - Wikipedia

    The British Museum, in the Bloomsbury area of London, United Kingdom, is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture.Its permanent collection of some eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence, having been widely sourced during the era of the British Empire.

  8. Britanici - Wikipedia

    Statele Unite: 40.300.000 Canada 12.100.000 Australia 10.000.000 Noua Zeelandă 2.500.000 Spania 760.000 Chile 700.000 Irlanda 290.000 Argentina 250.000 Africa de Sud

  9. British Raj - Wikipedia

    The British Raj extended over almost all present-day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, except for small holdings by other European nations such as Goa and Pondicherry. This area is very diverse, containing the Himalayan mountains, fertile floodplains, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, a long coastline, tropical dry forests, arid uplands, and the Thar Desert.

  10. Pueblo británico - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreánico

    «Británico» y otros gentilicios. Como un pueblo plurinacional, los británicos pueden escoger a identificarse con una identidad nacional local, como por ejemplo inglés, irlandés, gibraltareño o malvinense y a la vez sentirse plenamente británicos. [21]