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  1. Bubblegum (also called bubblegum pop) is pop music in a catchy and upbeat style that is considered disposable, contrived, or marketed for children and adolescents. The term also refers to a pop subgenre, originating in the United States in the late 1960s, that evolved from garage rock , novelty songs , and the Brill Building sound , and which was also defined by its target demographic of preteens and young teenagers.

  2. Bubblegum pop, is a style of pop music. It derives from synthpop. It is much like its predecessors, although it adds traditional nursery rhymes to a synth background. The Archies created this genre of music. "Sugar, Sugar" is the first song which The Archies made that is bubblegum pop.

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  6. Bubblegum pop (também conhecido como música bubblegum ou simplesmente bubblegum) [1] é um subgênero da música pop [1] com um som animado e cativante, criado e comercializado para atrair pré-adolescentes e adolescentes. [1]

  7. Bubblegum pop. Bubblegum pop, također poznat kao bubblegum rock ili jednostavno bubblegum je žanr pop glazbe. Glavne karakteristike bubblegum popa su plesni ritmovi, lakopamtljive melodije, jednostavnne strukture od tri akorda i ponavljajući riffovi na gitari. Također ga karakteriziraju i laki tekstovi, često nepovezani sa stvarnošću, a ...

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