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  1. Does having 32 GB RAM and a 2 GB video card run high-end games? No. You need at least 4 GB video RAM to run high end games at 1080p (and even that will only get you up to “medium” settings at best; if you want to play at “high” settings, then a better number to look for is 8 GB VRAM).

    • Don’t Starve. (1+ GB RAM) Developed by Klei Entertainment, this survival game looks like something right out of a Tim Burton film! You can choose one of many characters, each of which has a special quality to them.
    • Bastion. (2 GB RAM) Bastion is a game developed by Supergiant Games. This action-RPG plops players into a beautifully lush world complete with hand-painted artwork and a deeply compelling story.
    • Minecraft. (2 GB RAM) I know, I know. Minecraft really doesn’t need any introduction, but I added it because it is a great game that deserves mention even if some might consider it “overrated” or “over-done”.
    • Fran Bow. (2 GB RAM) I just had to put a game in here for you point-and-click fans out there! Fran Bow was developed and published by Killmonday Games. This point-and-click adventure game will have you going everywhere, solving puzzles, and exploring amazing worlds!
  2. What games can I play on a 2GB RAM and a GT 710 graphics card? Try out this 8 masterpiece games :-) GTA 4 (open world) Any Call of duty launched in 2012 or before 2012 (FPS Shooting) Any Assassin's creed launched in 2014 and before 2014 (Open world set in past) Prototype (Sci-fi, open world) Left 4 dead (Zombie shooter)

  3. Jul 08, 2020 · If you happen to have an old laptop with 2GB RAM, you can still enjoy great games from the past with decent performance. While you won't be able to play the latest games, there's plenty you might...

    • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
      Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
    • Alan Wake
      Alan Wake
    • Mass Effect 2
      Mass Effect 2
  4. Super Mario Bros X. Works like a charm on 2GB and better, no lagging problems either on Single or Multiplayer. Growtopia. Totally low-end game, will run on any potato PC. It's recommended not to enter worlds that fill too much the screen with animated objects. Realm of the Mad God. Available for free on browser or F2P on Steam.

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