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  1. Carl Linnaeus (/ l ɪ ˈ n iː ə s /; [1] 23 May [note 1] 1707 – 10 January 1778), also known after his ennoblement as Carl von Linné [2] (Template:IPA-sv), was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature.

  2. Linnaean taxonomy can mean either of two related concepts: The particular form of biological classification (taxonomy) set up by Carl Linnaeus, as set forth in his Systema Naturae (1735) and subsequent works. In the taxonomy of Linnaeus there are three kingdoms, divided into classes, and they, in turn, into lower ranks in a hierarchical order.

  3. His names distinguish him from his father, the pioneering taxonomist Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778). Biography. Carl Linnaeus the Younger was enrolled at the University of Uppsala at the age of 9 and was taught science by his father's students, including Pehr Löfling, Daniel Solander, and Johan Peter Falk. In 1763, aged just 22, he succeeded his father as the head of Practical Medicine at Uppsala.

  4. Commemoration of Carl Linnaeus has been ongoing for over two centuries. Celebrated for his scientific work, Linnaeus was knighted and granted nobility (as Carl von Linné) in life. After his death, he has been featured in sculpture, on postage stamps and banknotes, as well as by a medal from the eponymous Linnean Society of London. Several notable people have the given names Linnaeus/Linné (usually for boys) or Linnea/Linnéa (highly popular for girls born in Scandinavia).

  5. Carl Linnæus ( phát âm tiếng Thụy Điển: [ˈkɑːɭ fɔn lɪˈneː] ( nghe) ), ( 23 tháng 5 năm 1707 - 10 tháng 1 năm 1778 ), cũng được biết đến với quý danh Carl von Linné, là một nhà thực vật học, một bác sĩ kiêm nhà động vật học người Thụy Điển, người đã đặt nền móng cho hệ thống danh pháp hiện đại. [1] Ông được biết đến như là cha đẻ của hệ thống phân loại hiện đại ngày nay. Ông ...

  6. Carl Linnæus, puis Carl von Linné après son anoblissement, né le 23 mai 1707 à Råshult et mort le 10 janvier 1778 à Uppsala, est un naturaliste suédois qui a posé les bases du système moderne de la nomenclature binominale.Considérant que la connaissance scientifique nécessite de nommer les choses, il a répertorié, nommé et classé, systématiquement, l'essentiel des espèces ...

  7. Carl von Linné ( info) (före adlandet 1757 Carl Linnæus, Carolus Linnæus), född 13 maj [ anm 1][ 2] 1707 i Råshult, Stenbrohults socken, Småland, död 10 januari 1778 i Uppsala, var en svensk botaniker, läkare, geolog och zoolog [ 3] som lade grunden till den moderna nomenklaturen inom biologin och den moderna systematiken, som grupperar växter …

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