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    Mosquito habits of oviposition, the ways in which they lay their eggs, vary considerably between species, and the morphologies of the eggs vary accordingly. The simplest procedure is that followed by many species of Anopheles; like many other gracile species of aquatic insects, females just fly over the water, bobbing up and down to the water surface and dropping eggs more or less singly.

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    Culicidae é uma família de insetos habitualmente chamados de muriçoca, mosquitos ou pernilongos.As fêmeas em muitas regiões são designadas vulgarmente como melgas.Como os outros membros da ordem Diptera, os mosquitos têm um par de asas e um par de halteres.

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    The subfamily Culicinae is the largest subfamily of Culicidae, a family of Nematocera dipterans. There are 3,046 species of Culicinae mosquitoes, in 108 genera and 11 tribes. Members of the Culicinae subfamily are small flies with fore wings for flight and hind wings reduced to halteres for balance.

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    Los culícidos (Culicidae) son una familia de dípteros nematóceros conocíos coloquialmente como mosquitos. Inclúi, ente otros, los xéneros Anopheles, Culex, Psorophora, Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Sabethes, Culiseta y Haemagogus. Na actualidá esisten un total de 39 xéneros y 135 subxéneros reconocíos con daqué más de 3500 especies reconocíes.

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    Familia: Culicidae Subfamiliae (3): Anophelinae - Culicinae - †Burmaculicinae Overview of genera (44 + 3†) [] Aedeomyia – Aedes – Anopheles – Armigeres ...

  7. The pupa stage is short (only for a few days), and then the mosquito becomes an adult. There are many species of mosquito. This comes about because, of those which suck blood, each species is adapted to a different host or group of hosts. There are two subfamilies, 43 genera and over 3,500 species of the Culicidae.

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    Culicidae (ex culice) sunt familia insectorum ordinis Dipterorum. Quae arthropoda parva Tipulidarum Chironomidarumque similia sunt, cum quibus spectatores fortuiti eas aliquando confundunt. Culicidae quattuor gradus in cyclo vitae transeunt: ovum , larvam , pupam , imaginem (adultum).

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    A subfamília Culicinae é um taxon de mosquitos denominados de os culicíneos, é a maior subfamília na família Culicidae, com 10 tribos, 38 gêneros e aproximadamente 3.000 espécies.

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    If you intend to add a photograph, please add a note on the locality, because an identification isn't possible without it.; If you couldn't identify the species, please save it in Category:Unidentified Culicidae, where the specialist are able to do it.