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    Damian Elwes (born 10 August 1960) is a British artist with studios in Los Angeles and the Colombian rainforest. His paintings explore themes such as the cycle of life and creativity. These artworks can be monumental and three-dimensional, such as a painting in which visitors walk from room to room on the ground floor of the " Villa La ...

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      Elwes and Kennedy were married until the union was dissolved...

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      In the early 1980s, Elwes lived in New York, where he was an...

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      Elwes was born in London into a family of artists. His...

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    In the early 1980s, Elwes lived in New York, where he was an early ex­po­nent of graf­fiti. There he met Keith Har­ing who en­cour­aged Elwes to start paint­ing. Some of his first paint­ings were cho­sen by the em­i­nent Lon­don art dealer, Robert Fraser, to be in­cluded in a graf­fiti ex­hi­bi­tion with Jean-Michel Basquiatat the Fruit­mar­ket Gallery in Ed­in­burgh, 11 Au­gust – 23 Sep­tem­ber 1984. From 1992–2000, Elwes lived, with his wife, Lewanne, in south­ern Colom­bia in a house that he built over­look­ing a rain for­est. There he cre­ated four vast, in­ter­ac­tive paint­ings which view­ers can walk around in­side. A floor paint­ing, Fallen Tree (1997) de­scribes the cycle of life in one of the last sur­viv­ing forests of ma­hogany. In a clear­ing in the for­est, one old tree has fallen to the ground and is de­cay­ing. New saplings can be seen grow­ing from the dead tree. This same cycle ex­ists in paint­ing and in all forms of in­no­va­tion. So, while this work might be see...

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    Lefevre Fine Art, "Creative Spaces: The Studios of Dali, Kahlo, Picasso, Matisse," 6 June – 4 July 2008
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    Elwes was born in Lon­don into a fam­ily of artists. His grand­fa­ther and fa­ther were por­trait painters. Both died when Damian was fif­teen and left him easels and brushes. His par­ents, Do­minic Elwes and in­te­rior de­signer Tessa Kennedy were fa­mous for elop­ing to Cuba in the fifties. His broth­ers are Cary Elwes, an actor, and Cass­ian Elwes, an in­de­pen­dent film pro­ducer. His abil­ity in Math­e­mat­ics helped him gain a place at Har­vard Uni­ver­sity. At grad­u­a­tion, his play writ­ing pro­fes­sor gave him a palette knife that had once be­longed to Henri Ma­tisse.He went to Paris where, for two years, he made paint­ings of the stu­dios of con­tem­po­rary artists as a way to learn from them.In 1996, Elwes mar­ried Lewanne Col­lie, with whom he has two chil­dren: daugh­ter Cosima Cary Elwes (born 1997) and son Aubrey Bede Elwes (born 2000)

    Amazon, 1999 (Installation) A floor painting describes the kind of ecosystem which existed millions of years before humans and which is likely to exist millions of years from now.
    Fallen Tree, 1998 (Installation) A floor painting which demonstrates how the cycle of life in a primary forest of mahogany is similar to the life cycle of man.
    Forest of Statues, 1998 (Installation) 12 panels form a circular 360-degree painting of a forest where early humans have left carved statues.
    Bull Paintings, 1993–2014 Meditations about the significance of cave paintings are brought to life because at 9 years old Elwes was gored and almost killed by a Spanish fighting bull.
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  3. The Villa La Californie is a series of paintings by the English artist Damian Elwes (born 1960). They link together to describe almost the entire ground floor of the Pablo Picasso's Villa La Californie in Cannes, southern France.

  4. Damian Elwes Wiki, Biography, Age as Wikipedia. Damian Elwes is a British artist with studios in Los Angeles and the Colombian rainforest. His paintings explore themes such as the cycle of life and creativity.

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    The paintings of British artist Damian Elwes capture the sublimity of creative experience and transport us into the worlds of creative geniuses . More than 100,000 visitors saw his 2018 solo museum show in Paris. It was an interactive adventure. Visitors could walk around Picasso's Villa in Cannes o

  6. Damian Elwes Age, Wikipedia, Family, Height, Net Worth & Biography - Damian Elwes (Dusan Damian Cary Elwes) was born on 10 August, 1960 in London, United Kingdom, is an Artist.

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