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    In French, a male ballet dancer is referred to as a danseur and a female as a danseuse. In Italian, a ballerina is a female who typically holds a principal title within a ballet company; the title for equally ranked males is ballerino. In Italian, the common term for a male dancer is danzatore and a female dancer is a danzatrice.

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    Dance Dance Danseur is written and illustrated by George Asakura. The series began in Shogakukan's seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits on September 14, 2015. Shogakukan has collected its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The first volume was released on February 12, 2016.

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  4. Danseur étoile - Wikipedia › wiki › Danseur_étoile

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Danseur étoile (for men) or danseuse étoile (for women), literally "star dancer", is the highest rank a dancer can reach at the Paris Opera Ballet. It is equivalent to the title "Principal dancer" in Anglo-Saxon countries or to the title "Primo Ballerino" or "Prima Ballerina" in Italian.

  5. Principal dancer - Wikipedia › wiki › Premier_danseur

    The Italian derived term prima ballerina (female dancers) (primo ballerino for male dancers) or the French derived term premier danseur (male dancers) have been used to denote similar levels of prominence in non Anglo-Saxon companies. In the Paris Opera Ballet, principal dancers receive the title of Danseur Étoile.

  6. Danse — Wikipédia › wiki › Danse

    Technique du danseur. La technique du danseur repose sur la combinaison de quatre éléments : l'occupation de l'espace, le rythme, le temps, et le mouvement du corps. Le mouvement du corps comporte notamment les éléments d'énergie, d'équilibre afin de parvenir à donner une forme au corps.

  7. Danseur noble - Wikipedia › wiki › Danseur_noble

    A danseur noble traditionally was a male ballet dancer who projected great nobility of character. Over the last century the term has been used to define a male principal dancer who performs at the highest theatrical level combining grace with ability.

  8. Yuri Soloviev (dancer) - Wikipedia › wiki › Yuri_Soloviev_(dancer)

    Yuri Vladimirovich Soloviev (Russian: Юрий Владимирович Соловьёв) (1940–1977), was a premier danseur of the Kirov Ballet, born in Leningrad, Russia. He was a contemporary of Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov, partner of Natalia Makarova, Alla Sizova, and others.

  9. Le Cochon Danseur - Wikipedia › wiki › Le_Cochon_Danseur

    Le Cochon Danseur (English: The Dancing Pig) is a silent, 4 minute long, black-and-white burlesque film released in 1907 by French company Pathé, apparently based on a Vaudeville act. In the film, a giant anthropomorphic pig, dressed in fancy clothes, dances with a girl, who later embarrasses him by tearing his clothes off.

  10. Ahmad Joudeh - Wikipedia › wiki › Ahmad_Joudeh

    Ahmad Joudeh (born April 4, 1990 in Yarmouk) is a ballet dancer and a choreographer from Syria.He moved to the Netherlands with help of the Dutch National Ballet Company. ...

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