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      • Yellow fever is a serious disease caused by a virus spread by infected mosquitos, though it cant be spread directly from person to person. The symptoms of yellow fever begin with fever, headache, chills, and nausea/vomiting, and can progress to jaundice (yellow skin or eyes), liver, kidney, and respiratory failure, and death.
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  2. Yellow Fever | Disease Directory | Travelers' Health | CDC

    Yellow fever is a disease caused by a virus that is spread through mosquito bites. Symptoms take 3–6 days to develop and include fever, chills, headache, backache, and muscle aches. About 15% of people who get yellow fever develop serious illness that can lead to bleeding, shock, organ failure, and sometimes death.

  3. Yellow fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Yellow fever is a viral infection spread by a particular type of mosquito. The infection is most common in areas of Africa and South America, affecting travelers to and residents of those areas. In mild cases, yellow fever causes a fever, headache, nausea and vomiting.

  4. Yellow Fever: Symptoms and Treatment - WebMD

    Yellow fever is a viral infection transmitted by a bite from infected mosquitoes most commonly found in parts of South America and Africa. When transmitted to humans, the yellow fever virus can damage the liver and other internal organs and be potentially fatal.

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    Initial symptoms of yellow fever include sudden onset of fever, chills, severe headache, back pain, general body aches, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. Most people improve after these initial symptoms.

  6. Yellow fever is a very rare cause of illness in U.S. travelers. Illness ranges from a fever with aches and pains to severe liver disease with bleeding and yellowing skin (jaundice). Yellow fever infection is diagnosed based on laboratory testing, a person’s symptoms, and travel history.

  7. How To Spot A Man With Yellow Fever

    Oct 16, 2012 · Yellow Fever is more of a social disease. Carriers of Yellow Fever are obsessed with Asian women to the point where they rarely, if ever, date or enter into a sexual relationship with any other women.

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    Jul 19, 2012 · I think you don’t need to worry about having yellow fever. You are obviously a very curious and enthusiastic person. It is good you have something that preoccupies your mind, it makes you a happier and more interesting person. Unfortunately, not all people respond well to enthusiasm.

  9. Yellow fever - Wikipedia

    Yellow fever is caused by yellow fever virus, an enveloped RNA virus 40–50 nm in width, the type species and namesake of the family Flaviviridae. It was the first illness shown to be transmissible by filtered human serum and transmitted by mosquitoes, by Walter Reed around 1900.

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    Jul 01, 2014 · Chinese writer Yuan Ren lifts the lid on so-called 'yellow fever': a well-peddled myth that Asian women make better sexual lovers than other women, while at the same time, having no meaningful ...

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    There have been no cases of Yellow Fever in Kenya since 1995. Mass vaccination of locals in the region of the outbreak was carried out and there have been no cases since. However, there was an outbreak in Uganda in December 2010 (the first there for 40 years) about 420 miles from Nairobi, 475 from the Mara...