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      • Price match refunds are simply designed to give back the difference in cost. However, some carriers offer other bonuses with price match refunds. Along with Delta's best fare guarantee, customers receiving a price match a $100 voucher to be used on their next flight purchase.
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  2. BEST FARE GUARANTEE - Delta Air Lines › content › www

    The lower fare must be for the exact same airports and type of itinerary, and the same Delta flights, dates, number of passengers, cabin, booking/fare class and fare restrictions as the original ticket purchased that same day at or via the Fly Delta app. Lower fares constructed by combining multiple one-way tickets do not qualify. 3.

  3. Best Fare Guarantee : Delta Air Lines › contactus › pages

    To qualify, the lower fare must be an exact match. Please make sure your request complies with the following requirements: The ticket must be a published adult fare purchased in U.S. dollars at, or via the Fly Delta app, for travel originating in the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

  4. Best Fare Guarantee FAQ : Delta Air Lines › content › www

    Delta representatives will access the website where the lower fare was found and book the exact same itinerary currently booked at If a lower total fare (including all taxes and fees) is found, the refund for the fare difference and the $100 USD travel credit voucher will be processed within 7 days.

  5. Does Delta ever price match? - FlyerTalk Forums › forum › delta-air-lines-skymiles

    In fact Delta doesn't have a pre-purchase price match, only post-purchase. So if you can't use a 24-hour cancel or refund, then you're stuck. For example, I verified the fare difference prior to booking on and, in the same fare class, for the same dates. The difference remained all day and corrected the next day.

  6. Price Match? : delta › r › delta

    Anybody ever heard of Delta price matching? I'm an AmEx Platinum cardholder and AmEx has this "International Airline Program" where they offer deeply discounted rates for D1/PS seats for international flights. I just did a price comparison on a ROC-->DTW-->ICN-->MNL round trip for 2 using the exact same dates, flight numbers, and times.

  7. How to Status Match With Delta Air Lines [2020 Update] › delta-air-lines-status-match

    Oct 23, 2020 · Delta does a good job of publishing not only the requirements but a long list of airline status levels and the corresponding status match level with Delta. Like most airlines that offer a status match, Delta only matches to a maximum of Platinum level — not to their highest elite status, Diamond Medallion.

    • Christine Krzyszton
    • How does a status match work?
      If you have elite status with an airline, another airline may match that status for the purpose of getting you to try out their airline and potenti...
    • How long does it take to get a status match request approved?
      If you submit the request to Delta Air Lines properly, you will receive a response within 3 weeks. You need to include a copy of your current elite...
    • What happens if I don't make the challenge requirements by the end of the 90 days?
      If you do not meet the requirements of the 90-day status match challenge, your temporary elite status will expire. Because you did not meet the cha...
    • How do I earn a higher status than the matched status during the 90-day status match challenge?
      Once you are approved for a status match challenge, you are granted temporary Medallion Elite status with Delta Air Lines. During the 90-day challe...
  8. Maybe Delta's best fare guarantee just got a little better ... › blog › maybe-deltas-best-fare

    Mar 07, 2012 · Well, it turns out that by “exact” same itinerary, Delta means that everything — including the fare codes — must match. (These codes are meaningless for most customers seated in economy class. After all, a ticket is a ticket, right?) But countless passengers have been foiled by fare codes, and Delta knows it.

  9. How to Get a Refund If a Plane Ticket Price Goes Down | USA Today › refund-plane-ticket

    Aug 07, 2018 · Along with Delta's best fare guarantee, customers receiving a price match a $100 voucher to be used on their next flight purchase. Similarly, the American Airlines price guarantee comes with a $50...

  10. Delta SkyMiles® Status Match Challenge : Delta Air Lines › status-match-challenge

    The Medallion Status Match Challenge is our offer for you to switch to Delta. If you currently have elite status with another airline, we will give you the equivalent Medallion Status for three months – complimentary.

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